Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

The End of an Age

Marpenoth the 30th – Uktar the 2nd

Not sure if what he saw was a dream or real, Alecar began to look over the mirror again after he awoke. This time he was sure he had seen something. He was able to see the well in Edgerton where he and Jethro were supposed to meet. Gathering the party, he showed them his discovery. With Ember’s help they were able to view whatever they wished. Ember suggested they use it to look around the compound, find their weapons and plan an escape.

Four-Post Battle

Marpenoth the 19th – Marpenoth the 29th

After winning the Battle Royale, the Saboteurs earned the top spot for the main event the following week. With little to do, they spent the time in their cell, looking over the treasure they received, wondering when they could get out of here to use it, and more importantly, who this Mauthereign person was, and why did he have them captured. During the week, Alecar began to study the mirror. He could’ve sworn that he was seeing flashes of other places within the mirror, but when he looked directly at it, all he saw was his own reflection.

Battle Royale

Elaint the 28th – Marpenoth the 18th

Our heroes have made a bit of a name for themselves, and the crowd that turned up for their fight against the Skiurids was one of the largest the arena has had for a weekday show in a long time. They asked around about the Skiurids, but no one would say anything, they’d just laugh and say it’ll be a fight like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

The time came for the fight, and nothing could’ve prepared them for what came out of the tunnel. From across the square, at firs they couldn’t see anything, just some small shadows on the enemy platform. After Tal announced both sides, the party realized that those tiny figures WERE their opponents. Four, slightly larger than average, all black squirrels were standing on the platform. And then they vanished.

Reunions and Departures

Elaint the 14th – Elaint the 28th

The party arrived in Edgerton shortly after noon on the 14th. They could feel how close they were to their goal, and so wasted no time in heading for the barracks. Unfortunately he was out with a guard patrol, and wouldn’t be back until later, so they decided to go have a look around town and see if they could find him first. Solaren decided he had had enough of these white cities, and told the other two that he would find them when they left the city.

A Cold Welcome

Eleasis the 22nd – Elaint the 14th

Setting out from Libilas, Ember teleported the party to Fallcrest to begin their journey to Eridell, the seat of the Kingpriest. It was a long ride, as they had become accustomed to instant travel, but since Ember had never been there, they must ride. Not knowing where to look, the party decided they’d first head to the capital and find out where Jethro was stationed.

Rebuilding Cumberland

Eleasis the 11th – Eleasis the 21st

After taking a moment to absorb everything that had happened, Ember realized she had no plan for what to do next. She needed Alecar’s help. Taking advantage of the chaos and her natural charm, she convinced the remaining guards that she was in charge, and that anyone who might disturb their rest would meet much the same fate as the queen. Ember and Solaren spend their night, resting peacefully in Jezebell and Violet’s quarters, respectively.

Norris Family Origin

Ember s log

Written by CrankyPelican

pair of suns burn bright over the nightless palisades of Sultan Jal’zhar’s palace, their rays dancing in the obsidian gardens dappling his grand throne room. With a momentary lament to simpler times, Jal’zhar clears his mind as the mighty iron doors to the throne open, bearing an expected visitor.

The Fires of Cumberland

Eleasis the 9th – Eleasis the 11th

As Ember lay there, on the brink of death, the memories came back. Memories of white coats, memories of torture and pain, memories of death. She remembered laying on a cold table, being poked and sliced and burned. She remembered her parents faces. Remembered as they burned away in the fire that was forced out of her. Most of all, she remembered her. Trina. The leader of Chimera. It all came flooding back, until it threatened to burst forth. When she awoke, she had only one goal, one purpose… Cumberland must burn.

The Battle for Wellspring, Part 2

Broken empire log

Eleasis the 7th – Eleasis the 8th

Shortly after the battle for the bridge, Alecar received an urgent call from Lord Jarmaath, via their telepathic link. “Alecar, come quickly to the town square, we’re under att—!” was all that Alecar heard. Leaving Lily’s body on the bridge, the party rushed towards Estered’s Square. Despite the battle, they met little resistance on the way there.


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