Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Battle Royale

Elaint the 28th – Marpenoth the 18th

Our heroes have made a bit of a name for themselves, and the crowd that turned up for their fight against the Skiurids was one of the largest the arena has had for a weekday show in a long time. They asked around about the Skiurids, but no one would say anything, they’d just laugh and say it’ll be a fight like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

The time came for the fight, and nothing could’ve prepared them for what came out of the tunnel. From across the square, at firs they couldn’t see anything, just some small shadows on the enemy platform. After Tal announced both sides, the party realized that those tiny figures WERE their opponents. Four, slightly larger than average, all black squirrels were standing on the platform. And then they vanished.

The party just laughed, but when they saw the Skiurids popping from shadow to shadow, they sobered up. The Skiurids weren’t prepared for Alecar however, and with a couple well placed daylight spells, the Skiurids were just a bunch of squirrels. The crowd was audibly disappointed with such an easy fight, but Tal couldn’t argue with their effectiveness. Congratulating the party, Tal sent them back to their cells.

Winning their two rounds so handedly, the heroes earned themselves a spot in the Battle Royale. A battle of 8 teams, one team had to take the center of a ziggurat for one minute, or defeat the other seven teams. The party finally got a little freedom in the holding cells and began to speak to some of the other gladiators. They were able to find out that the Executioners and Mourning Glory were the teams to beat in the arena.

The party spent the remaining week training and twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the big event. They were also informed that there was a hefty prize to be had for the winner, which would be held until their contract was up.

The big day came, and the arena was totally different. There were 8 platforms around the base of a 20-foot high stone ziggurat. At the peak was a device that looked not unlike a cannon. Each team was given a random assortment of weapons and potions, some good some bad. Taking them up, everyone sprung into action. The lucky sevens were the first of the block, but that’s where their luck ran out. Lunging for the Ziggurat, Aiden landed right on a bear trap. Going around Aiden, Nymph caught a second trap, a “fighter flinger,” and was launched into the magic barrier protecting the stands.

In the first round, three of the teams were eliminated either through traps or spells. Solaren made it up to the top of the tower with a fly spell, and began to charge the cannon. In the mean time, the other teams began to finish each other off, and Solaren managed to get one shot off with the cannon, leaving just the Executioners, Mourning Glory, and our heroes, the Saboteurs. The leader of the Executioners charged towards our party, while Solaren tangled with Mourning Glory, who also were using the power of flight.

Attempting to get Solaren off the cannon, the leader of Mourning Glory, the Mourner, created an iron wall between him and it. Before Solaren could get around it, the Mourner used a bigby’s forceful hand spell to knock the wall on top of him. He managed to get out from under, but not without getting hit by the wall as it came down. Adun Blacksnake, the only Executioner left, bore down on Alecar and Ember with a fury the likes of which they had never seen. Long after his wounds should have dropped him, he continued to fight.

Eventually, the heroes managed to end the fight, taking the Ziggurat, to the roaring cheers of the crowd. Tal gave a rousing speech to the crowd and had the party brought back to the holding pens to the cheers of those gladiators that weren’t invited to compete. They were granted leave to bring their “loot” to their cell to admire. Among the treasure was an ornate floor mirror, and at once, Alecar recognized it as being more than met the eye, he just couldn’t put his finger on why.



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