Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Ember's journal, ember in control

Ember s log

Kythorn 15th, 154 AE

Alecar looks so fragile when he thinks he’s talking to Evelyn. His eyes take on a tenderness that hides the warrior within him, which is a shame, because that same warrior he strives to choke down would be twice the man his convictions prevent him from being.

A pity the priest couldn’t be more like Solaren. I know Evelyn hates him, but that cat is my kind of crazy; although he complains too much. A little fire never killed anybody. Besides, he’s a cat, right? He’s got nine lives, what’s it matter to him if he loses one or two to the sexiest heat he’ll ever know?

Evelyn was smart, though. The second she sensed trouble, she let me take control. Dark elves, rats, whores of heathen gods, spiders, curtains of flame, all of it made much easier with me in charge. Fahrenheit swung true and our enemies cooked from within, though we did not progress without our losses. Solaren killed a pet he picked up in the wild on our way; someone should really tell him to take better care of his toys.

He nearly killed me, too, but I’ll come up with a proper way to repay the favor. After all, I’m just getting warmed up.

On a final note, Alecar DOES look good in spidersilk. Even if the priest is a bit timid for my taste, he’s a damn good looking man. I guess that, for all her other faults, at least Evelyn has good taste in men.

Let’s see if good ol’ Ember can’t light a fire under his flesh and spice things up a little bit…



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