Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Ember's journal entry, broken promises

Ember s log

Kythorn 30th, 154 AE

I hate him for leaving!

No, that’s not true; I hate him for leaving me behind. For not trusting me to come with him, to help him with this. Have I been so blind? What if he does not feel for me what I feel for him? Stupid girl, so caught up in your idle fantasies that you forgot he is a warrior! Why should he be interested in a simpering awestruck little girl when he could have a warrior princess at his side?

He says he left for family business. He probably won’t even come back.

And why should I care? All he does is break promises, anyway.

He told me he’d take me to the festival that starts tomorrow; it was supposed to be our first date.

I guess he had better places to be.



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