Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Ember's journal entry, en route from Fallcrest to Highmoor

Ember s log

Mirtul 2nd, 154 AE

Byron says this trip will be good for me, that a journey away from the comforts of the temple will offer me a final lesson in how I am to make my way in this world.

He says that I am ready, but I feel so foolish, so unwise to the freedoms I now enjoy. He says that it is the right of every creature to live a full life, and to hear him speak as such fills my heart with a weightless joy. Hearing him speak at all affects me so; I miss him.

Without him, I am confused. This traveling merchant speaks of things I know nothing about. He goes on and on about Panzanzabon, and how it could be possible that anyone from Fallcrest could live there so long without ever meeting the famed adventurer. I do as Bryon taught me, and politely nod and ask the occasional question to seem engaged, but all the while I am thinking of this man I am to meet upon arriving in Highmoor.

Alecar Bishop .

Byron speaks favorably of the Bishop family, and he says I will be in good hands. But they are not Byron’s hands…

The merchant is calling my name. I swear to Bahamut, if he mentions Panzanzabon one more time, I’ll burn his carriage to the ground!



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