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The Melekar Chronicles

Ember's journal entry, first day in Sumberton

Ember s log

Kythorn 8th, 154 AE

It was a long ride from Fallcrest, and parting ways with Bryon for the second time in so many months was no less difficult for the importance of our mission. He sent us east, to seek out an ally of Bahamut in an effort to discover a way to destroy the golden skull we found in the Storm Tower.

In that regard, we were successful, but the official of the Luminous Order with whom we dealt with seemed distraught that such an artifact existed, so I question whether or not we have heard the last of its evil.

We arrived in Sumberton, earlier today. It seems like a pleasant enough place, and it’s the best chance Solaren has had in a while for tracking down his father. I feel bad for what happened to him. To have his whole world torn away from him at such a young age is horrible. After having met people like Byron, it’s hard to believe there could be people in the world that would do such a thing.

But I guess there are people like me…

...people who would kill their own parents…

...but Byron taught me to be strong, that the mind is the body’s first and truest defense against all evils, including the evil of despair. I wish I didn’t have to leave him so soon, but at least Alecar is still with me, though he seems distant. He doesn’t look at me the way everyone else does, and as weird as this may sound, it makes me feel self-conscious; like I am doing something wrong. He always seems so nervous around me, and whenever I try to touch him as a sign of companionship, I can feel the heat beneath his skin rise…

...maybe he just doesn’t like me.

It’s not that he HAS to like me, I suppose. I mean, I’d like him to like me, but I don’t…

...I don’t know. I understood Byron, but Alecar doesn’t make any sense to me. Still, he’s very sweet, and noble. He’s brave, too; well, sometimes he needs to be pushed a little, but he has courage.

He lacks the dedication and force of conviction that Byron has, though. I can almost see the intensity of Byron’s gaze, now, watching me as I write this…

...I wonder if he ever feels the same about me.


Nicely written, sir :).


Thank you, kindly! This was a fun one to write smiles


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