Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Ember's journal entry, the morning after

Ember s log

Myrtul 29th, 154 AE

As Father rises, so too will Evelyn. She will bury me deep as thanks for saving her life…

…but oh, how our blood did boil! She tried caution, but when the chips were down and lives were on the line, we both knew she had to step aside. Even near death, when we had every reason to retreat, still we burned on, digging deep into the fire; the fire that has freed us from every prison we’ve ever found ourselves in…


...except for loneliness.

Seeing Byron again…even though it has not even been a month, yet…


...who knew I could still cry? Probably means Evelyn’s awake.

Before she swallows me back up, I want it in writing so she’ll see it: I SAVED OUR LIFE!

Oh, and Evelyn? You should have seen the way Byron looked at us as we sauntered off to bed, last night. Even if his mouth is disciplined, his eyes are such wicked, wicked sinners.



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