Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Four-Post Battle

Marpenoth the 19th – Marpenoth the 29th

After winning the Battle Royale, the Saboteurs earned the top spot for the main event the following week. With little to do, they spent the time in their cell, looking over the treasure they received, wondering when they could get out of here to use it, and more importantly, who this Mauthereign person was, and why did he have them captured. During the week, Alecar began to study the mirror. He could’ve sworn that he was seeing flashes of other places within the mirror, but when he looked directly at it, all he saw was his own reflection.

The time came for the main event, and as our party got ready, they noticed this battle was set up a little bit different. They were all split up and brought into the arena on their own platforms. Each of the three sections was bordered by multicolored walls of force. As they looked around to get their bearings, their opponents were raised into the arena. A terrible beast for each of them: A green slaad for Ember, a bone naga for Alecar, and a troll hunter for Solaren.

Solaren and the troll simply exchanged blows, and Solaren dodged more of the blows than the troll. It took him a couple of rounds to get a flame going with his equipment to kill the troll, but he was still the first one done with his battle.

Alecar brandished his holy symbol at the naga, but in his surprise he must have faltered, because the naga was unfazed. It retaliated by placing Alecar in a force cage so that it could spend a few seconds enhancing it’s own abilities. After it dropped the forcecage, it attempted to subdue and poison Alecar, but, with renewed vigor, he thrust his shield into the naga’s face and called out to Bahamut, utterly destroying the bone naga. Alecar was the second to complete his battle.

Ember wasn’t so lucky in her fight. It started off well enough, she took to the air, and slung spells left and right at the slaad. Just when she though she had the slaad on the ropes, it shouted in the words of power, “Be still!” And Ember had no choice, she floated there helpless as the slaad tore into her. Only by the grace of the gods was Ember able to cling to life. She was the third to complete her battle.

As Solaren completed his battle, the wall of force around him fell. Seconds later, he heard a loud roar, as another force field was lowered to reveal a huge green dragon. Trusting his reflexes, Solaren managed to occupy the dragon’s attention and avoid it’s acid breath until Alecar was able to join the fight. Together they managed to dance around the battlefield enough to wear the dragon down. Just as they were defeating the dragon, the slaad rejoined the fray. Wasting no time, Alecar used his last remaining smite evil to finish it off, winning the day.

Proving indomitable once again, our heroes were rewarded with an escort back to their cells and a pat on the back. Sitting in the cells, Alecar began to daydream, to think about the meeting that was scheduled with his brother and if they were ever going to make it back to Melekar. As he drifted off, looking into the mirror, the view changed to the alleyway where they were to meet…



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