Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Rebuilding Cumberland

Eleasis the 11th – Eleasis the 21st

After taking a moment to absorb everything that had happened, Ember realized she had no plan for what to do next. She needed Alecar’s help. Taking advantage of the chaos and her natural charm, she convinced the remaining guards that she was in charge, and that anyone who might disturb their rest would meet much the same fate as the queen. Ember and Solaren spend their night, resting peacefully in Jezebell and Violet’s quarters, respectively.

Throne roomEarly the following morning, Ember teleported back to Manasa to find Alecar. Explaining everything that happened, and apologizing for leaving him behind, Ember admitted that she needed his help. They whisked back to Libilas, and began the rebuilding process. They spent a full span finding nobles of good intentions, interviewing them, and submitting them to magical tests. The held a banquet in the honor of the new senators. (We glossed over much of the politics, as none of us were planning on running the city)

We ended the session with a fledgling Senate in place in Libilas, Ember’s past and parents revenged, and the party looking for a new quest. Alecar finally spoke up. He expressed his concern over his missing brother, and, eager to help, the others agreed to head to Harrington, to find out what was wrong.



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