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The Melekar Chronicles

Reunions and Departures

Elaint the 14th – Elaint the 28th

The party arrived in Edgerton shortly after noon on the 14th. They could feel how close they were to their goal, and so wasted no time in heading for the barracks. Unfortunately he was out with a guard patrol, and wouldn’t be back until later, so they decided to go have a look around town and see if they could find him first. Solaren decided he had had enough of these white cities, and told the other two that he would find them when they left the city.

Cleric by benji248The exact words are lost to me, but they met Jethro, and immediately, Alecar knew something was wrong. Jethro mentioned stories only they knew, but got details wrong. He was emphasizing strange words in his sentances. Eventually, Alecar figured out tha Jethro was trying to tell him something, but it wasn’t safe. They agreed to meet later that night, at a well, in the abandoned areas of the slums.

When they were safely alone, Jethro admitted that everything wasn’t okay. Josseth Crownblade, the Lord Captain of the Platinum Talon, has lost his mind. He has become an oppresive tyrant, quoting scripture and using it as instruction to punish the wicked and terrorize the people. He has been creating new laws, and the Kingpriest has been nowhere to be seen for months. Jethro was adamant, something was terribly wrong in the church.

He made Alecar promise not to do anything so foolish as storming the castle, and eventually he agreed. Crownblade was a foe beyond either of them. Jethro said that he would be able to find out more in a month or so, they had to work slowly to avoid suspicion. He invited Alecar to stay, but he admitted that in a couple days, they wouldn’t be welcome in town. The agreed to meet at the well again in one month. They spent the rest of the night talking about old times, knowing the night would be far to short.

With a month to kill, and being unwelcome in Harrington, the party decided to begin the search for Solaren’s people, in the country of Scylla. They quickly travelled back to Manasa and gathered horses and supplies for the ride to Scylla. The journey to Light’s Edge, the nearest town across the border was rather uneventful.

Light’s Edge was the polar opposite of the cities of Harrington. Loud, dirty, dangerous, and poor. The outskirts of town were deserted, but the center of town was alive with people. All types of people. It was getting on towards evening, so they decided to find themselves a place to stay. The first place that still had all it’s windows was The Busty Barmaid. They entered, and time stopped. Everyone looked at the newcomers, mouths agape. And just as quickly, everything went back to normal. And they weren’t looking at Alecar’s armor.

Solaren was used to getting reactions, but not like this. He figured someone must know SOMEthing. But try as he might, he couldn’t get anyone to talk about their reaction, or his people. Getting frustrated, he had a few drinks and went to bed. Alecar and Ember, followed shortly after. During the night, their sleep was rudely interrupted when their bedroom walls were ripped outwards.

Sleepy and disoriented, they tried to fight as best they could, but their foe was beyond them. Two huge, humanoids that were all black grabbed each of them and crushed them until they passed out. The next time they awoke they found themselves in a stone cell with iron collars around their necks. They were in there for what seemed like hours – Ember even burned her bed, to see if she could – before someone came past their cell.

A man dressed in armor of bone came by and introduced himself as the Bonemaster, “Welcome to The Shadow Colosseum!’

It turned out that the man named “Bonemaster” was a retired champion of the Arena, and now helped run things in the pits. The party was brought there because someone “hired” the nightstalkers to bring them in. He didn’t know who hired them or why, only that once a contract is made, they are slaves to the arena. Once their contract is fulfilled, they can earn their freedom, but that can take months, years… or in some cases, forever.

The party could do nothing but wait. Food was brought to them twice a day, and their bucket was taken out just as often. Other than the slaves that took care of this, they saw little of anyone. And try as they might, using magic or might, they couldn’t escape. On their 7th day, a flashily dressed man came by their cell. He introduced himself as Tal Lorvas, the Impresario of the colosseum. He apologized that they were unceremoniously captured, but a deal is a deal, and they would just have to play nice.

Astral stalker by wayne reynoldsTheir first fight was scheduled in two days time. With little to do, we proceeded to the battle. The Bonemaster brought them to a platform, that rose up into the arena. They were greeted by the roars of the inhuman crowd as they rose up, and took in the view of the massive arena. Nearly 200 feet across, the ground was littered with boulders, platforms, and acid pools. In the center was a huge pit, shaped like a cross.

Their first opponents were a couple of Astral Stalkers, captured in the Astral Sea. Powerful hunters, the Stalkers began to circle the arena floor. They took to the arena like a fish to water, feeding of the energy of the crowd. They played themselves up to the crowd, using flashy moves and pumping up the crowd. They made short work of the Astral Stalkers, while winning over the crowd in the process.

After they won their match, A platform with Tal Lorvas standing on it rose out of the pit in the center, there was a flash, and the party found themselves standing next to him. “My lords and ladies, shades and demons, I give to you our newest team! Brought to us from the edges of the multiverse, we have the Saboteurs!” Tal leaned over to the party, “Sorry, I was told why you were brought here, and it just made sense.” He turned back to the audience, “Let’s hear it for our new contenders!”

The arena by gregmks

Cheers boomed from the stands, an eerie sound, as the majority of the crowd isn’t human. “Come back next week to see our new-comers take on the Skiurids. That should be an entertaining match! Stick around for the next match, Aiden vs. the Wolf!” He turned back to the party once again, “Off you go, The Bonemaster will meet you to take you to your new quarters with the rest of the combatants.” The platform began to sink into the pit and as it did, the party caught a glimpse of the battlefield changing, platforms shifting. The platform sank through the floor of the pit, and the Bonemaster was there waiting.


I’ve been enjoying the Adventure Recaps! Thanks for all the hard work! Is the campaign still going or is it on hiatus or ended?

Reunions and Departures

Hey, thanks for the props! The campaign has ended, but I still have about three adventure logs to write. I have my new campaign that we’ve just started over at

Reunions and Departures

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