Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Solaren's Journal, 2nd Entry

Solaren s log

Myrtul 13h, 154 AE

Since my last entry a lot has changed. I met with a former associate of mine whom sits with the order of Bahamut. His name is Alecar Bishop. A good and noble man and fantastic cleric. And a young girl whom caught my eye. Rawr… They call her Ember but I don’t know her real name. She has a fiery spirit and skin of the finest silk. She is smart but maybe a little too protected she has trouble with the most common of things that most people whom are worldly would know perhaps I can teach her a few things. The news Alecar brings was not good; a bishop in his order was assassinated, and the church wished to hire me to help track the assassin down. Needless to say I took the job hunted down the assassin and killed him….. by accident of course. We found some evidence leading to man name Garreth a council member. This intrigues me because he sounds like the type that would hire someone like my father I must find him and gather more information perhaps I’m closer than ever to finding out about who I am and avenging my people.



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