Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Solaren's Reunion

Solaren s log

During the Battle of the Archway, Flamerule the 29th

The Battle Rages around me, both friend and foe fall at my feet.

As I began to look around me out of the corner of my eye i see a bolt of dark magic come towards me.

Before I can turn a cloaked archer dives from the wall and takes the hit for me. His sword I recognize, finely etched with Elvish words.

“Father is that you?”

“There is no time, my son,” he says.

I turn and see the Darklord himself. Glonin Krak King of the Goblin Tribes of Angor Rok. He Speaks.

“Fool! You have no hope of Victory against me and my legions. I shall tear your innards from your corpse, much like that of your elvish companion” He Chuckles maniacally

I roar in anger! The twin blades of IthIl-Anor glow like the sun.

“For Elrin, my brother! You will not soon have forgotten this blade, Krak!”

I strike with such anger that I stumble, and take a mighty blow from him morning star.

Krak Laughs, “Just like your friend, so easily torn asunder by my might! You shall serve me in the afterlife, and you will make a fine pet.”

As I struggle to regain my step, I can feel the force of life begin to drain from my body. It was at this moment I see a vision of Elrin. He speaks.

“Rise my brother, It is not yet the end! Strike quick and true, like the mighty Lion, and Avenge me!”

It was that moment i gain the strength to quickly rising to my feet. The Ithil-Anor glows and than

I strike a mighty blow as it seems like all time stops around me.

My sword slices through his throat and his head falls to the ground.

I roar so that my ancestors and all the heroes who had fallen and joined each other in the heavens can hear.

Fighting in the courtyard ceases. It is as I pick up the head of Krak and raise it in the air that I hear from our foes:

“The Darklord Falls! Retreat!!!”

I fall to the ground the last moments of life drip from my body and I hear a whisper next to my ear. It sounds like Elrin.

“Thank you, my brother. Now I may rest forever amongst the stars”

And then I pass unconscious.

I wake to find myself laying in the courtyard. Ember touching my forehead a tear in her eye.

And my great friend Alecar laying his hands upon my chest uttering a phrase I do not understand.

That is when I see him…

My father.

I jump to my feet and grab him by the throat.

” Tell me why I should not kill you now. Why did you save my life”

He gasps for air and in his muffled voice I hear.

“Because you are my son”

I let go deeply shaken.

” You murdered my people and took me from them. I am not your son!”

A tear roles down his face.

“You have always been my son. I do not expect you to forgive me for what I had done. It was business, and you know how we operated. I was doing my service to the lord I was hired to work for Just as you are doing now. I did not expect to find a helpless child like yourself. I took you in.”

I interrupt him with a roar.

“Only as your weapon, a slave.”

He speaks louder, “At first you were a weapon but I grew to love you as my only son and the mighty warrior you have become.”

I than raise my hand, punching him across his face, scraping it partially with my claws.

He falls to the ground and I raise my blood stained sword ready to strike at his chest.

He looks accepting of the fate he is about to undertake.

“Tell me father, do you fear death? Does this remind you of how my people looked as you drove your blade into their chests?”

A tear falls from his eye.

“I’m ready to die my son. I deserve it for my deeds.”

I Roar and throw my blade to the ground.

“You saved my life. I will spare yours for now. You may live with this deed, I will not grant you death so easily to escape from it.”

“Tell me father, am I all that’s left? Am I the last of my kind?”

He speaks, deeply moved and relieved, “You are the last of your tribe. Your people hail to the north of the great lake in the forests there. Perhaps you can find some relics of your people. But I do not know if you are the last of your kind. They do not hail from this continent, this I know.”

I roar in anger.

“Get out of my sight! Perhaps we will meet again, but do not expect me to so easily forgive you the next time.”

Fordin gets up and quickly leaves, touching me on the shoulder one last time before he goes.

I look to my friends silent expressions on their face. I thank Alecar for healing me when i fell.

I look at Ember and then walk away.Shaken and confused, I retire.



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