Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

The Battle for Wellspring, Part 2

Broken empire log

Eleasis the 7th – Eleasis the 8th

Shortly after the battle for the bridge, Alecar received an urgent call from Lord Jarmaath, via their telepathic link. “Alecar, come quickly to the town square, we’re under att—!” was all that Alecar heard. Leaving Lily’s body on the bridge, the party rushed towards Estered’s Square. Despite the battle, they met little resistance on the way there.

They rushed into the square from the southeast, and before they could find out what had happened to Jarmaath, several daggers hurled through the darkness to strike Alecar and Ember. Alecar’s armor deflected two of the daggers, but Ember wasn’t so lucky. The dagger itself did minimal damage, but the poison was another story. Coursing through her veins, she immediately dropped unconscious. The unknown assailant didn’t count on Alecar’s magic, and with the use of a Delay Poison spell, he was able to bring Ember right back in to the fight.

The perceptive Solaren saw the flash of the blade when the assassin threw the daggers, and using the Fly spell that Ember had cast on him, he flew into the second story window, surprising the would be assassin. Alecar simultaneously charged in through the front door, confronting three more assassins who had taken up positions behind what looked like the overturned tables of a common room. Ember can in close behind after picking herself up off the ground, and the three of them made short work of the attackers.

94They exited to the square and met a somber Tredora Goldenbrow. She informed the party that Jarmaath had fallen to the assassin. They moved to regroup on the steps of the church, along with Captain Ulverth, and Captain Soranna Anitah, who was now in command of the troops from Highmoor. It was not a moment too soon. A scout ran up the steps, completely out of breath, “A strike force is on the way, something big!” At that moment, there was a loud bellow from the alley way across the pavilion. Three ogres rushed into the square, followed by a pair of hill giants.

Wasting no time, Ember cast a Wall of Fire across the alleyway, scorching the giants, and lighting their clubs on fire. Then came through a tiefling woman. She strode casually through the flames, as a path through the fire also opened briefly to her left. She confidently strode into the square, surveying the battlefield, “You’ve put up a valiant defense here, I was wrong to underestimate you…” She trailed off as her eyes settled upon ember. “You! I recognize you! I had hoped to find you during this campaign, but I never thought to find you here… defending these people. How exquisite. Kill the others, but leave this one to me…”

Wall of fire art by dan dos santosEverything happened very fast after that, the ogres and giants moved to attack, countered by Ember’s flames, and Alecar, Solaren and the Captain moved to intercept the woman. At the same moment, an eldritch blast burst came from the sky above the woman, straight at Alecar. Garreth had returned. As the fighting continued, the ogre and giants were eventually cut down, and Solaren flew up to meet Garreth, much to his surprise. As the battle raged on, Ember began to see flashes. Flashes of torture and experiments. Flashes of the woman. Ember knew who she was, she was Sorrow Fangrim, General of the Second Order of Cumberland.

Enraged, Ember abandoned her fire, and tapped into her fury, charging into battle with Sorrow. Not her wisest idea. Ember got in a solid hit, but Sorrow was a trained warrior, and cut her down with ease. Only Ember’s will, or dumb luck pulled her from death’s clutches. At the same time, Alecar and Tredora were running into the fight, and Alecar’s sole goal was getting to Ember. Solaren was finishing his fight with a surprised Garreth, and as Garreth tried to run, Solaren sliced clear through his neck. Turning and seeing Ember fallen, he rushed to engage with Sorrow.

Sorrow, with a casual confidence, cut down the captain as Solaren approached. She didn’t count on Solaren’s quickness however, and he managed to cut her down before she could mount her counter attack. With Sorrow and Garreth’s deaths, their remaining troops turned an fled into the city. The day was won, but not without a heavy cost.



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