Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

The Boon of Luminos

Broken empire log

Kythorn the 18th – the 5th day of the Boon of Luminos

(We interrupt this adventure log with an important public service announcement. Some changes and retconning occurred prior to this session, having lost a player due to unforeseen circumstances. Some changes include: Alecar did not return to the temple with the PCs, he was unfortunately called away by the temple in Highmoor, because they had received word that his brother was in trouble in Harrington. With only two PCs now, we’ve changed gears to use the gestalt variant, so that two players can take the roles of 4. While this hasn’t changed any of the storyline, they now have abilities that they didn’t before. Sorry for the interruption, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled adventure.)

Demon arch   fireWe return to our party in the Temple section of Slaughterguarde, having killed numerous drow and other foul creatures. Continuing their search, they stumbled across, and summarily slew several other species of monster, such as some zombies and a sole gargoyle. After collecting their loot from these easy marks, they headed north into another part of the compound. They came upon a T-intersection, with a large double door at one end, and a fiery demon arch at the other. Solaren, having rightly developed a fear of fire, decided that he didn’t want to go through another fire arch, so they kicked in the double doors and were immediately shot in the face by the two surprised wererats.

Well, I suppose the wererats shot AT their faces, but didn’t really hit anything. Again, the two made short work of the wererats, however, they completely ignored the fact that they were hiding behind a barricade that was designed to offer protection from a direction that the party DIDN’T come from and they headed north out of the room, the direction that the barricades WERE offering protection from. After they entered the room to the north, they were immediately set upon by a smallish black dragon. I say smallish because while it was nearly as large as Solaren’s tiger, Caspian, (yes he has a tiger animal companion now) it was small for a dragon.

It was still young enough to lack a certain resistance to spells though, and Ember hit it between the eyes with a couple Scorching Rays, sending in fleeing into the darkness of the room beyond, flying under an inert Demon Arch. The party moved to follow, but they heard a bit of chanting and all of the sudden, their daylight spell couldn’t penetrate the darkness beyond. Standing back from the dark, they thought about what to do next. After another line of acid shot out of the darkness, Ember had had enough and simply threw a fireball into the darkness. With smug satisfaction she heard a roar of pain, but her spell had an unexpected consequence. It not only set the room beyond on fire, providing some illumination, it also destroyed the wax covering the sigils that activated the Demon Arch, reactivating it. Now with a wall of fire between them and their quarry, Solaren and Caspian felt less inclined to press the attack. After they fell back, they realized that they didn’t really have a good reason for being here other than collecting the remaining loot.

Deciding they had more pressing matters to attend to, and not wanting to walk through fire again (well, Ember was okay with it), they decided to take their leave of the temple and allow the Luminous Order to finish the job. Ember and Solaren both had other matters they wished to pursue. Ember obviously wished to get her hand back, and the priest at the Shining Citadel was her only option of that, while Solaren wished to pursue any leads he could find regarding the whereabouts of his father.

They were getting ready to head back to the town of Jewelford to await the return of the High Priest when Vintra found them, bringing news with her. She had both good and bad news for Solaren. While she didn’t know where to find his father, or where he was headed, she did know that someone fitting his description was simply going by the moniker of “Raven” and working as a mercenary. That should offer Solaren a new point to begin his search from. They headed to Jewelford to await the arrival of the High Priest as well as the upcoming festival of festivals, the Boon of Luminos. The yearly worldwide tribute to Luminos, offering thanks and praise for another year of growth and life. While Ember was as giddy as a schoolgirl, having never attended the festival, Solaren was more reserved about the idea. While the festival was a great time, and there was much revelry to be had, there were also hordes of children. Children who had never seen a giant cat-man before. Whether they were afraid of him, or in wonder, he always got far more attention than he desired.

The day finally arrived however and Ember was at the temple waiting all day for the priest to arrive. He had barely return before she rushed up to him, asking him to restore her hand, and thrusting gold into his hands. He couldn’t help but smile, and he lead her back to the chapel. Ten minutes later she returned to Solaren, beaming, with a brand new hand. With nothing that could possibly ruin her spirits, they headed back across the bridge from the citadel to join the festivities.

They wanted to spend the majority of the festival in Sumberton though, so they called it an early night, and headed back on the road the next morning. This went on for two long days as they traveled by day and stopped in towns along the way at night for festivities and revelry. On the fourth day of the festival they arrived in Sumberton, the City of Breweries, and the city did not disappoint. On the 5th and final day, was the day of contests. Solaren’s mood brightened considerably when he was told about the archery contest. Confident in his abilities, he made it to the final round completely unchallenged. In the final round however, things finally started to get competitive. A locally renowned hunter was his opponent. After a very impressive showing by both parties, they were tied at two scores to two, and the hunter had the first shot for the final round. Taking his shot, it proved true, hitting the center of the target. Solaren, his whiskers furrowing in concentration took his shot. And what a shot! He hit the exact spot as the hunter, and managed to punch the hunters arrow through the target, leaving only his own remaining. The crowd went wild, and the referee came down to present Solaren his prize. The prizes this year were donated by the Mage’s Association, and so were quite splendid. So splendid that the prize was a wand containing the spell Eagle’s Splendor.

Not to be outdone, Ember entered herself into the Mage Games. Unfortunately, with the Mage’s Guild overseeing the games, there was a rather large and prolific turnout of wizards and sorcerers. Ember got placed into the second tier of entrants, much to her dismay. However, after seeing some of the spells being slung by the first tier wizards, she wisely held her tongue. She managed to eke out a victory in her category, but I’ll let her tell you how it went.

The final event of the festival was the fireworks. And what a spectacle they were. A combination of magic and gnomish ingenuity, they will be the talk of the town until at least the next year. Happy new year fireworksUnfortunately, neither Ember nor Solaren will be able to remember them, as they spent the evening seeing how many Dwarven Fire Ales they could drink. They both made it to 5 before they passed out. Waking up in the morning, Solaren found himself on the table that he crushed when he went down in a heap, but Ember found herself neatly in a room she didn’t recognize. Panicking, she checked to make sure she had all of her stuff, and was still clothed. Finding she did and was, she left the room to find that she was taken upstairs to a room at the inn by the friendly barkeep before something untoward could’ve happened to her.

Spending another day in Sumberton to recover, they both decided that they should head back to Highmoor to try and pick up the trail of Solaren’s father. Of course, stopping to see Byron in Fallcrest on the way.



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