Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

The End of an Age

Marpenoth the 30th – Uktar the 2nd

Not sure if what he saw was a dream or real, Alecar began to look over the mirror again after he awoke. This time he was sure he had seen something. He was able to see the well in Edgerton where he and Jethro were supposed to meet. Gathering the party, he showed them his discovery. With Ember’s help they were able to view whatever they wished. Ember suggested they use it to look around the compound, find their weapons and plan an escape.

As they were looking at the weapons locker, Ember could feel Fahrenheit calling to her. She reached out to touch the mirror… and her hand went through it. Bravely, she stepped through the mirror, and just like that, she was free from her cell. There she stood in the armory, with a shimmering portal at her back. She gathered up their equipment, and headed back to the group.

Alecar brought up the image of Edgerton again, and they stepped through, free from their shadow prison, their only reminder the cold, inert iron collars. It had been much longer than the month they agreed upon, but Alecar was confident that Jethro would be waiting. They decided to hide until nightfall, as they were wanted fugitives in Harrington. Alecar’s faith was well placed and around midnight, Jethro came into the square.

Jethro confirmed their fears, that Crownblade was behind everything, and that he was nearly untouchable. The kingpriest hadn’t been seen in months, and Jethro hadn’t been able to make headway on the resistance movement. Everyone was either too blind or scared to stand up against Crownblade. With little to do against Crownblade, they decided to go find the foe they could do something against. Mauthereign. The man responsible for capturing them and imprisoning them in the Colosseum.

Using some divinations, they managed to find Mauthereign’s location, Kravenghast Necropolis. Resting up, the following morning they headed out. They arrived on the hilltop overlooking the ruined necropolis. Decending into the valley, they found a maze of ruined crypts and mausoleums. Complete with the restless undead. Hordes of ghouls were waiting for them. Thinking they were no threat, the party walked into the grounds, destroying ghouls here and there. When they approached the large ossuary in the middle however, several of the ghouls broke from the pack, charging in battle, a malevolent cunning in their desiccated eyes.

Even these new creatures were no match for Alecar’s faith, and Ember’s fire. The party took a few hits, but nothing they couldn’t bounce back from. As they were destroying the last of the ghouls, they heard an unearthly wail from above the ossuary. They looked up just in time to see the silhouette of an angel blocking out the sun… or so they thought. The creatue had the shape of an angel, but it was anything but. Decaying and desecrated, the Angel of Decay swooped down upon them. Everywhere the creature trod, plants died and trees withered. The corpses of the undead decayed to nothing, and the life force of the heroes near the creature were slowly sapped away.

The party fought valiantly, but the horror of this creature, this perversion of all that was good and holy, appeared to shake Alecar to his core. Ember and Solaren did what they could, but eventually they each succumbed to the creature’s touch of decay. Alecar was the only one left standing, but try as he might, he was unable to penetrate the creatures unholy resistance to his magic. Slinging one spell after another, to little effect, Alecar too was eventually overwhelmed. It was a dark day for the forces of light. The Trinity had fallen, and their true enemy had yet to be revealed. The world is ill-prepared for what is to come, an age of darkness to outmatch even the Day of Blood…



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