Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

The Fires of Cumberland

Eleasis the 9th – Eleasis the 11th

As Ember lay there, on the brink of death, the memories came back. Memories of white coats, memories of torture and pain, memories of death. She remembered laying on a cold table, being poked and sliced and burned. She remembered her parents faces. Remembered as they burned away in the fire that was forced out of her. Most of all, she remembered her. Trina. The leader of Chimera. It all came flooding back, until it threatened to burst forth. When she awoke, she had only one goal, one purpose… Cumberland must burn.

The only reason that Ember didn’t leave for Cumberland right then and there was shock. She went through the motions as victory was declared. She watched as the dead were collected. After healing up a little, she grabbed Solaren and Alecar, and told them that Cumberland needed to be punished. Holding the vision of the dungeon in her mind, she cast a teleportation spell it was successful… or so she thought. They popped up next to two large stone slabs, two men in blood covered white coats, and a live minotaur on the slab, midway through an autopsy.

DerroEmber burned the doctors to a crisp, and Alecar used a Heal spell to heal the minotaur. Ember began smashing the locks on the cages lining the walls, and got through several before Alecar stopped her. Unfortunately, the last one she broke belonged to a deranged Derro, who grabbed a bone saw off the table and ran off. Following the Derro, they came out of a trap door into what appeared to be a store room. Continuing onward, they found that the building was in a small town, not the castle. They also found the body of a young woman with a ragged gash across her torso. Alecar said a brief prayer for the young woman, and then Ember used another Teleport to get out of there.

She wasn’t having much luck though, instead of ending up in the temple of Bahamut in Wellspring, she ended up in the nearest temple of Bahamut. Luckily, there weren’t any in Cumberland, and they ended up in the Kingdom of Manasa. Exhausted, Ember found her solace in Alecar’s arms that night. The following morning, Alecar informed the bishop about what happened in Wellspring, and found himself recounting his battles to some of the acolytes. Ember realized that she couldn’t ask Alecar to take part in what she was going to do, no matter how badly the Cumberlandians deserved it. She found Solaren, and tried again to teleport to the dungeon. This time, she succeeded.

They arrived in a large room, next to a stone slab that looked all to familiar. The room was vast, with cages of all sizes around the walls, and a dozen large stone slabs around the room, with large drains in several places around the floor. There were several scientists at work, including her. Trina. “Welcome back my child… I never expected to see you again. I thought you were dead. No matter, you soon will be. Behold! I may have failed with you, but this is my greatest creation. Release him!” She gestured to two of her scientists, and they moved to a very large iron box and released the latch. Out burst a creature out of a nightmare.

The beast had the body of a centaur, four webbed arms, the head of a minotaur, and the eyes of the medusa. “Kill them,” was all Trina said, and the beast charged. It barreled into Ember, sending her sprawling. Solaren sprang into action as Ember picked herself up. Ember sent forth a blast of fire into Trina and the beast. Trina merely smiled and held up her hand, a crimson ring on her finger and a smile on her face. That smile turned to panic as the fire burned through her protective shield and melted the skin from her bones. The creature was more sturdy than she however, and survived the initial onslaught. It wasn’t enough however, Solaren was able to shrug of the creature’s gaze, and together, Solaren and Ember managed to slay the creature.

The remaining scientists were attempting to escape, using the large lift in the corner. Mercy wasn’t something that Ember brought along with her on this journey, sending burning fire to destroy the platform and drop the scientists to the ground 40 feet below. Casting Fly upon herself and Solaren they entered the castle. They burned and cut their way through the guards they encountered, finding their way to the throne room. Bursting open the doors, they found a dozen guards between them and Jezebell, the one behind it all, and Violet, her First General. Unleashing Evard’s Black Tentacles upon Jezebell and her general, Solaren moved to hold off the guards while Ember unleashed her fire upon the tyrant. It was a lengthy battle, but the tentacles did their job, preventing Jezebell from bringing her magical might to bear.

In the end, Ember and Solaren managed to kill them all, severing the tyrannical head of Cumberland. Ember casually walked over to Jezebell, took the crown from her head, and place it on her own. She walked over to the throne and, her mission completed, collapsed in the seat.



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