Alecar Bishop

A boisterous but good-natured youth in the service of Bahamut


Alecar is a young man who grew up in the small village of Fox Hills, near Fallcrest. His father, Kendric, is the head of the small church of Bahamut in the village. As soon as Alecar and his brother, Jethro, were 13, they were sent to Fallcrest to train under Acolyte Byron Placard. When they reached the age of 18, Byron wrote them letters of recommendation and sent them on their way to Highmoor, to be servants of Bahamut at the Halls of Justice. Jethro instead decided to take some time off and make a pilgrimage to the Grand Temple in Harrington, and to try and meet the Kingpriest. Jethro has never returned, and after a few years the letters dried up as well. Alecar is torn between his duties to his god and his brother, but so far has made the choice to serve Bahamut.

Our story begins with Alecar meeting a troubled young woman named Ember at the gates of the city. He has been asked to look after her in her first visit to the big city.

Alecar Bishop

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