A warrior and the last of his kind...


Solaren is the last of his kind. Rescued by a human mercenary as the sole survivor of his tribe, he was raised by the man, and taught the ways of the ranger. This suited Solaren just fine, as having the face of a tiger tends to get you stares from, well, just about everyone. Adults fear him, and children are in wonder at him. Either way, it’s unsettling. Raised as a warrior, Solaren grew to revel in the hunt, and the kill.

During a battle between the elves and the great Goblin King Glonin Krak, Solaren was gravely wounded, and his close friend, Elrin Riverguard was slain. Before Elrin died, he betrayed to Solaren a secret he meant to take to the grave. Fordrin Ravenheart, the man Solaren called father, was responsible for the destruction of his village and the death of his people. Enraged, Solaren attempted battle with his “father” and was able to blind his father in his left eye, but in his weakened condition, he was unable to make chase of his father.

Solaren carried the body of Elrin back to his people, and for his consideration and assistance in the war, the elves bestowed upon him the right to wield Ithil-Anor, the Blade of the Sun and Moon, and Elrin’s blade. This was a great honor, as no non-elf had ever wielded this blade. It had been passed on from clan to clan since the days of Mythrain, and now it was for Solaren to wield against the foes of freedom.

Solaren has attempted to track his father for the past 2 years, with little success. Every time he hears something or picks up his scent on the wind, by the time he arrives, the trail is cold. In between Solaren is a tracker and hunter for hire. He has found many a mark, and slain many a beast in the name of coin.


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