A Deal with the Devil


1137 AW

Charaters: Gypsy, Talon Garm

ollowing the events of the Godspike Campaign, Cicyl was resurrected and remained the right hand of the emperor. A group of adventurers were asked to the mayor’s house and during their visit an attempt was made on the governor’s life (see Seith’s Dominion). The emperor and Cicyl created a portal to the astral plane and made a deal with Vlakiith, Lich-Queen of the Githyanki, giving her Roland’s soul in return for power and passage through the Astral Plane. It was up to the party to travel to the Astral Plane, confront the Lich-Queen and free Roland’s soul. Unfortunately, the Lich-Queen lived on the body of the trapped God Tu’Narath, and had tied roland’s soul to the binding. If the party was to succeed and kill the lich-queen and free roland, the god would also be released, and with the portals that Vlakiith and Cicyl set-up, the god would be able to access the world directly. Erek created an astral projection for the party and sent them all to Tu’Narath to investigate Vlakiith and what would be necessary to stop her. She unfortunately caught on and forced the party back into their bodies and shattered Erek’s mind, reducing him to speaking in rhyme and riddles. The party discovered what would happen upon freeing roland’s soul and chose to stop Cicyl by destroying the portals instead, unfortunately losing Roland forever.

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A Deal with the Devil

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