Capital: Population: Government: Religions: Alignment:
Talaviir 1.3 Million The Elves follow their Polemarch, while the Dwarves follow their council of Paragons Corellon and Avandra (Elves), Moradin (Dwarves) Lawful Good (Dwarves), Neutral Good (Elves)

Algur is a vast continent with many different peoples and environments. The elves make their home in Talaviir Forest, and this is the single largest community of Elves in the whole of Melekar. While not quite as large, there is a prosperous community of Dwarves that live in the Caryackt mountains, in a group of three mining delves. Some of the best craftsman over the ages have come from the Caryackt dwarves.

Life and Society: For all it’s people, Algur is still quite a wild place. The populated areas are very safe, patrolled by the Elven Army, of the Dwarven Patrols, and monsters and giants are all but unheard of. However, once you leave the borders of these lands, bandits, goblins and worse may be waiting. Elven Wayguides are highly sought after, as their groups provide safe passage through the untamed center of the continent.

Major Geographic Features and Places of Interest:
Talaviir Forest: The Talaviir forest is the home to a large elven nation. While trade is open and encouraged, Elven Hunters constantly patrol the wood, both to protect the honest, and punish the wicked. The two rivers leading out of the forest come to a marsh on the plateau overlooking Bedwyr Ridge. Only the bravest of Hunters will enter The Brackens, and even then, they won’t go far.

The Tri-Delve Mine Belt: Home to the Caryackt clan of dwarves, deep within the Caryackt Mountains lies the Tri-Delve Mine Belt, a sprawling series of three dwarven cities connected by huge tunnel routes. You can travel several hundred miles, from one end to the other, without ever reaching the surface. Here, expert dwarven miners and craftsmen make exotic weapons and armor out of materials like mithril and adamantine.

[[Seith’s Tower | Seith’s Tower]]: Now a ruin, this dark tower was the home to one of the most powerful necromancers Melekar had ever seen. Only the combined might of the Elven army and one, Grennel Druskaden, a singularly powerful dwarven druid and animal lord were they able to finally defeat Seith. To this day, brave and foolish adventurers travel to the tower in search of powerful artifacts. Most are never heard from again, and those that survive are never the same again.


Erkynwald Ruins: Home to one of the most tragic events in the war on Seith, the once prosperous town of Erkynwald fell prey to the malevolent gaze of Seith’s right hand, a Death Knight known only as “Death”. In the heart of night, he unleashed his shadows upon the unsuspecting city, and one by one, the populace was consumed, adding to his undead army with each death. The only solace that can be taken from this tragedy is that it galvanized the Elves into stopping Seith.

Important Sites:
Talaviir (Metropolis, 300,000-400,000): The capital city of Algur, this city lies in the heart of Talaviir Forest, and is built in total harmony with the old wood forest. Built in and among the trees, this city is truly a marvel to behold.
Tri-Delve Mine Belt (Metropolis, 200,000 among the three cities): The three cities of the Belt are Granger Delve, Torden Delve, and the Caryackt Mine. While each city does have its own rulers, the sheer number of dwarves living here, and the number of tunnels they’ve carved has made this whole area into one enormous underground city. Unfortunately, when delving this much, and this deep, the dwarves invariably opened tunnels to the underdark, required constant vigilance against attack.

List of Locations
Talaviir – Capital, Falimore, Varheal, Naruan, Kruger, The Elven Navy Docks, Lurecia, Calashadir, Erkynwald Ruins, Caryackt Mine, Tri-Delve Mine Belt, Granger Delve, Torden Delve, Shamrock Beach, Tower of Dawn, Harbor, Seith’s Tower

Mt. Caryackt, The Caryackt Mountains, The Northern Babcock Trail, The Elven Highway, Talaviir Forest, The Brackens, East Stair, Bedwyr Ridge, Erkyn Falls, West Stair, Shunt Bluff, Baboon River, Giant Territory, Peros Hills, Ape Lake, Grumbar River, Vandek Mountains, Grumbar Bridge, The Gulf of Velhao



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