Capital: Population: Government: Religions: Alignment:
Felwyn 1.3 Million Knight’s Council (Based in Colmark) Bahamut (Knight’s Council), Pelor, Corellon, Avandra (General Population), Bane, Grummsh (tribes and goblinoids) LG (Knight’s Council), Good/unaligned (General Population), Unaligned/Evil (tribes and goblinoids)

Arria is a country of rolling plains with the scenery broken up by a mountain range dominated by Mt. Nograd, a dormant volcano, and the Fel Marsh, surrounding the nation’s capital. The country is ruled by the Knights of Arria, but the only have a strong presence within the major cities. They are content to only visit the towns and villages when tax season comes around. Outside the major cities, the people are a pretty grizzled group that are distrusting of outsiders, and they are always wary of raids from any number of goblinoid tribes that live in the marshes and mountains.

Life and Society: Arria is a continent that has been built on the rules and traditions of the Knights of Arria. They view themselves as the judge, jury, and executioners of the land. Generally speaking, the knights are well liked and well respected among the nobility and populace of the larger cities, but in the smaller communities and outskirts, they knights are resented. The people feel that if the knights aren’t there to help when the people need it, then the people shouldn’t owe any fealty to the knights.

Major Geographic Features and Places of Interest:
Fel Marsh: The Fel Marsh is the most deadly marsh in all of Melekar. Fed by the magical waters of the Spring of the Masters the denizens of the marsh are made strong and intelligent. When Felwyn was founded, the land was mostly plains and hills, but long storms increased the size of the water basin, overflowing the spring and flooding the plains. There are sink holes and other natural dangers as well. There are even rumors of a great serpent that lives beneath the water.


Mt. Nograd: The home of a whole Gnome kingdom, Mt. Nograd is a massive dormant volcano 5 miles high. It appears that it used to be taller, but the cap has been blasted off. This is a source of concern for pretty much everyone on the continent, because it’s only a matter of time before one of the Gnomes accidently sets off the volcano, burying the continent in ash.

The Spring of the Master: A magical spring said to be directly connected to the Wells of Luminos themselves, the waters are said to have healing powers. The diluted waters feed the marsh and definitely have some sort of magical power, but unfortunately the marsh waters were tainted when the Godspike was subverted. They are no longer poisonous, but the effects still show in the creatures of the marsh.

Important Sites:
Felwyn (Metropolis, 500,000): The capital city of Arria, nearly 500,000 people live here. The city was built before the marsh became so wild and it’s a constant battle with the marsh to keep it from encroaching on the city. There is a large contingent of Knights in the town to protect it from the marsh.
Colmark (Metropolis, 100,000): Colmark is the spiritual capital of the Knights of Arria. They have the Grand Temple of Bahamut here, as well as their Grand Court. It was here that the Knights of Arria agreed to assist with the rebellion against the empire in 1500 AW.


List of Locations
Felwyn – Capital, Colni of the Sea, Oceanview, Sozulston, Water Haven, Miwar, Ejuuri, Esarmoc, Dring, Twin Towns, Talaston, Zolan, Colmark, Crosstown, Thoraz, Dawn, Adrymyr, Maja, Tendor, Edgemorden, Kalthen, Laguzi, Ahtva, Zolan, Turso, Etorthi, Zarlev, Esete, Grummore, Brindamoor, Damadon, Ereliston

The Fel Marsh, Spring of the Masters, Hawthore Lake, Mt. Nograd



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