Capital: Population: Government: Religions: Alignment:
Zemoch 900,000 Technocracy. Barithani is the most advanced nation in Melekar, and the leaders of the guilds of Technology are the ruling council for the nation. In Zemoch, there are temples to every one of the Old Gods. However, these are more places of learning and study within the portfolios of those gods than they are houses of worship. Lawful Neutral is the name of the game here in Barithani, as knowledge is revered above all else.

Barithani is a relatively small island off the east coast of Cormand, however, due to advances in medicine, agriculture, and transportation the population on Barithani is flourishing. It is also a naturally defensible land mass, with well fortified port cities on the only parts of the coasts that aren’t sheer cliffs.

Life and Society: Barithani is perhaps the only nation that wasn’t subject to the Emperor’s rule prior to the Day of Blood. Only once did the emperor attempt to take the island, and he suffered losses so great that he never made another attempt. However, Barithani has long adopted an isolationist policy, and as long as the empire didn’t interfere with their business, they didn’t interfere with the empire. Barithani is also far more technologically advanced than any other nation on Melekar. They have much more effective agriculture techniques, as well as steam-powered plumbing for those with the means to pay for it. The crowning achievement of the Barithani nation is the development of steam and magic powered airships. There are regular routes between all the major cities, but they don’t have sufficient fuel supplies for inter-continental travel yet. There is limited trade with Krein and Cormand for resources that can’t be found on the island. While Barithanians are scholars first and foremost, they also believe that perfection of mind cannot be achieved without perfection of body. There are countless monasteries around the island of scholar-martial artists.

Important Cities:
Zemoch (Metropolis, 200,000): The capital of Barithani, Zemoch is home to temples of all of the Old Gods. The New Gods have yet to find their way here. The temples are more bastions of knowledge pertaining to each deity’s portfolios, and less places of worship (although all the gods are revered as is their due). Also here are the seats of power of the Technarchs, the leaders of the Guilds of Technology. They preside over all of Barithani.

Trenton (Metropolis, 100,000): Trenton is the undisputed trade capital of Barithani. 90% of the imports and exports come through this town, and as such, it is the only place with a large concentration of foreigners.

Tharendi(Large City, 50,000): Tharendi is still recovering from the effects of The Desolation of Talos several hundred years ago. During those dark times, much of the population was killed by sickness and disease, and the surrounding country for miles was afflicted with blight.

List of Locations:
Zemoch – Capital, White Oak, Trenton, Vaxx, Sartil, Maltova, Apnia, Korvalis, Norval, Juniper, Peiralta, Tharendi



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