Capital: Population: Government: Religions: Alignment:
White Court 195,000 A Timocracy (ruled by land-owners) run by a council of the 6 most prominent citizens. It is a system not unlike the feudal system. These is little religion practiced by the wealthy, however, Erathis is often praised in passing. The Old Gods are often worshipped by the common folk. The council is entirely neutral, with greedy selfish tendencies.

During the age of the Empire, Betonfield produced much of the crops for all the people of the empire. During those times, there were several families that rose above the rest, accumulating most of the land for themselves. When the empire fell, these six families had all the power. Taking advantage of the chaos that followed the Day of Blood, these families carved out a section of the Empire, turning it into what is now known as Betonfield.

Life and Society:
Life in Betonfield takes one of two forms. You either have money and power and live a life of pleasure and luxury, or you work for someone who does. The six ruling members are Balasar Falon, Roland Arahad, Bertram Teylesir, Aramil Marian, Angeline Fleur, and Erevan Paskar. Each fiefdom governs itself, but on matters of trade and foreign affairs, these six carry the most powerful voices. Each of the major cities and trade hubs call one of the ruling families home, with Balasar calling the capital, White Court, home.

Important Locations:
Cities: White Court – Capital, Ashmeadow, Plainside Valley, Willow Circle, Newharen, South Towers



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