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Cult Spawn (Template): The result of a hideous ritual performed by Xithal, head of a cult called the Plague, Cult Spawn are a hideous, deformed mockery of their former selves. They often have infected looking, oozing open wounds all over their bodies, misshapen limbs, and they give off a putrid smell. This template can be added to any living creature that is not immune to magical diseases (hereafter referred to as the “base creature”). A cult spawn is always evil, and the only way they are satisfied, is to spread their suffering to others.
Hit Dice: Same as base creature or d8, whichever is higher.
Speed: 20 ft.
AC: Same as Base Creature
Attacks: Same base attack bonus as base creature.
Damage: If the base creature has natural attacks, it keeps those, otherwise use the following chart to calculate natural attacks. If gaining natural attacks, its fingers become elongated, sharp, and bone like, and its teeth do the same.

Size Claws Bite
Fine 1 1d2
Diminutive 1d2 1d3
Tiny 1d2 1d4
Small 1d4 1d6
Medium 1d6 1d8
Large 2d4 2d6
Huge 1d12 2d10
Gargantuan 2d8 2d12
Colossal 3d8 3d10

Special Qualities:
Aura of Disease (Su): All those within 5’ of the Cult Spawn must make a fortitude save (DC 14) or contract Talos’ Despair. Anyone hit by a claw attack must make a fortitude save (DC 17) on contract Talos’ Desolation, and if hit by all three attacks (claw/claw/bite) must save (DC 20) or contract Talos’ Destruction. These are really three stages of the same disease, however they don’t progress one into the other on their own. Talos’ Despair gnaws away at the character’s will, leaving them an empty withered shell of their former selves if their wisdom is reduced to 0. At first this is difficult to detect, it seems as though the afflicted is just struck with a terrible melancholy, and it’s often not realized until it’s too late. Talos’ Desolation is an extension of Talos’ Despair, not only does their will get beaten down, they’re also physically drained, lowering their stamina and leaving them fatigued. Talos’ Destruction further adds to the anguish by causing the afflicted to lose their very strength in addition to their stamina and will power, leaving them perpetually exhausted. The reduction of any of the three stats to zero results in the death of the afflicted. Furthermore, those that die from the affliction are brought back as a Cult Spawn the following night, and cannot be raised unless a break enchantment spell is cast upon the body first.

Disease Infection DC Incubation Damage
Talos’ Despair Inhaled 14 1 day 1d3 wis
Talos’ Desolation Injury 17 1d2 days 1d3 wis, 1d3 con, fatigued
Talos’ Destruction Injury 20 1d4 hours 1d3 wis, 1d3 con, 1d3 str, fatigued, exhausted

Natural Armor Bonus (Ex): +2.
Damage Reduction: 10/+1.
Immunities (Ex): Ability Drain, Disease, Energy Drain, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Fear, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep Effects, Stunning.
Sustenance (Su): Once afflicted, a Cult Spawn never needs to sleep, eat or drink. Their only relief is spreading the affliction.
Saves: Same as Base Creature.
Abilities: Str +4, Dex +0, Con +4, Int +0, Wis -4, Cha -6.
Skills: Cult Spawn gain a +4 racial bonus on Spot, and Listen.
Climate/Terrain: Same as Base Creature.
Organization: Solitary, Pack (2-12)
Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +2.
Treasure: Same as base creature.
Alignment: Always Neutral Evil.
Advancement: None. Once a creature becomes a Cult Spawn, they can no longer gain experience.

Cult Spawn

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