Encounter Achievements

Encounter milestones

Would You Just Stand Still!
You manage to evade three successive attacks in one encounter
You gain a +2 to AC for one round when you activate this achievement’s reward

The Broad Side of a Barn
Miss on 4 attack rolls in a row.
You may re-roll any one d20 roll. Must be used before the outcome is determined.

Just a Flesh Wound
Take more than half your hit points in damage from one hit.
Gain a +2 to fortitude for the rest of the encounter.

You Hit Like a Minion
You deal minimum damage.
If you take a -2 penalty to your next attack you gain a +4 bonus to damage.

Radiant Presence
Roll a natural 20 on a turning check
Add +1 to your next turning check

Shift Momentum
Land two critical hits in one encounter
Automatically succeed on one roll to check a critical hit threat

Second Wind
Successfully stabilize an ally below 0 hit points
Immediately gain 1d4 hit points back

Successfully cause an enemy to fall at least 20 feet.
Gain a +1 to your next strength check.

You call that a knife!?
Successfully sunder an opponent’s weapon or armor
gain a +1 on your next opposed strength or dexterity check

So Close!
Fail a saving throw by only one point
Gain a +1 to your next saving throw

Whirling Dervish
Hit three or more opponents in a single round
Gain a +1 to hit on all attacks in a single round where you take more than one attack

Bull’s Eye
Hit with two ranged attacks on the same target in one round
gain a +2 to hit with all additional attacks (not the first) in a single round

Just a Scratch
Get hit with two critical hits in one encounter
The next critical threat roll against you misses

I Found your Weakspot
Successfully sneak attack two different enemies in one combat
Target enemy is considered flat-footed against you for one attack (must declare before rolling to hit)

Energy Battery
Get hit with the same energy type twice in one encounter
Add 1d6 of that energy type to your next attack

Resist two fear effects in one encounter
You are immune to fear for the rest of the encounter

Oh, Come ON!
Critically fumble twice in one combat
Automatically succeed on a reflex save to avoid a critical fumble

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry
While in a rage reduce a foe to -30 or less hit points
Damage dice for the rest of the encounter explode

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Encounter Achievements

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