Fortress of Ice


1150 AW

Characters: Reigngaard Featherglass, Radak, Dan, Zholar.

ollowing the events of the Godspike Campaign, Harbonix had retreated to his ice castle. Starting anew with plans of dominion, he opened a portal to the Elemental plain of ice and was bringing creatures and primordial ice through to build an army and outfit them. The party, comprised of the leaders of guilds on the nearby continent, set out to stop her. Storming her castle and putting an end to her designs on conquering her surrounding area and eventually the world, the heroes managed to free the frostling slaves from their shackles as well. They unfortunately were not able to survive without the permanent cold, pulsating out from the castle and it’s portal. There are only a very few number of frostlings left, and they have evolved to no longer need the cold, losing many of the differences between themselves and normal Halflings.

Snow giant by danielsyzygy

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Fortress of Ice

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