Algur is a large continent with many different people and climates. The two largest groups of people are tha Talaviirian Elves and the Dwarves of Mt. Caryackt. While there are a lot of people living in Algur, they are clustered in groups and the continent is largely wild.

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Arria thumb Arria

Arria is home to the Knights of the Holy Light. A militaristic sect, devoted wholly to Bahamut, these knights act as the judge, jury, and executioner for the land of Arria. The are a stern but fair order, generally well liked by those on the right side of the law. Also of note are the Gnomes that live in the dormant volcano, Mt. Nograd.


Barithani is an, isolated island nation, of the coast of Cormand. Surrounded my sheer cliffs, Barithani has lived apart from the rest of the world. They are a sophisticated people, without war or prejudice. The seek always to better their mind and bodies. Their greatest accomplishments have been to fuse magic and machine, creating the airships they use for travel, along with many other marvels.

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Betonfield thumb Betonfield

Betonfield is one of the two nations that Hellione was devided into when the empire fell. Home to a large number of wealthy land owners, they seized control during the disarry, and now the country is ruled by a council of the wealthy. While the council does generally have the well-being of the populace in mind, a country run by wealth and land is susceptible to corruption like no other.


Cormand is a vast continent with no organized government to speak of. Each grouping of settlements acts as a city-state, and is responsible for their own protection and policing. Aberminster is the unofficial capitol as far as the rest of the world in concerned, but if you asked someone from the Sand Flats, they might not even know Aberminster’s name.

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Cumberland is a tyrannical matriachy. Rules with an iron fist by Jezebell Vondran, she has three Generals that oversee the populace and enforce her might. A country carved from the ruins of the empire, Jezebell capitalized on the chaos, and took the crown by force. There have been rumors recently of a shadowy organization called Chimera doing horrible experiments, but no one has been able to provide proof.


Harrington is another country carved from the body of the old empire. However, rather than being claimed by the rich, or crushed by a tyrant, it was claimed by faith. In the aftermath of the day of blood, people turned to the Church of Bahamut for guidance and protection. The faith grew and spread, until before they knew it, the Church was the martial law, as well as the spiritual. Home of the Kingpriest, Harrington has long been a utopia for the good of heart. However, there have been dark rumors as of late…

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Hrundi thumb Hrundi

On the continent of Vappor, the Hrundi nation is hardly a nation. There is a small number of settlements to the east, near the Thunder Hills that claim to be the capitol of Hrundi, but mostly the country is populated by nomadic barbarian tribes. Far to the south, on the border of the mists are two dwarven communities. They are sealed in their mountain homes though, and no one is sure they are even still there.


The northern half of the continent of Vappor, Krein is a prosperous nation. Blessed with the most fertile lands in all of the world, they make a great living trading goods with other nations. Two Forks, the capital, is also the home of many heroes, including the Heroes of the Godspike, to whom a monument has been erected, drawing in tourist and adventurer from all over the world.

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Launfel thumb Launfel

Launfel is the home of the former Monarch of Hellione, before the empire wholly subjugated their peoples. The empire had thought the Solis line destroyed when the conquered them, but there was a single heir that survived. After the day of blood, and after the dust had settled, a haggard youth came forth, claiming his grandfather to be Salazar Solis, King of Hellione. Wielding the Sword of Kings, Pantumal Solis took his place on the throne.


Luness is the home to the ruins of the imperial capital. The skeleton of the capital has long since been picked clean, but eager treasure hunters still make the trip occasionally. Despite these “tourists,” the ruins are still a very dangerous place, home to all kinds of creatures. Highmoor is the current capital of Luness, and from there, a council of 13 elders governs the lands.

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Manasa thumb Manasa

The Morthos family was a line of ancient kings from before the days of the empire. So beloved were they, that even the empire feared to kill them completely. While their legacy was slowly forgotten during the rule of the empire, their name was not, and when the empire fell, the people were more than happy to follow their old and benevolent rulers.


If Manasa has a kind an benevolent ruler, Scylla has just the opposite. Grakas Chorster is a tyrant and a despot. Ruling with an iron fist, he is the embodiment of might makes right. Many have attempted to wrest control from Grakas, but so far, none have been successful, and the people suffer for it.

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