Godspike Campaign

1127 AW | Characters: Laodomeia, Arif, Erkyn, Siegfried, Rennard

Sarakis can finally operate on her own, now that Imradi is no longer watching. She has slowly been corrupting the magic of the Godspike, changing the land around it to become a very dangerous place. Characters venturing there had a chance of being randomly changed. Sarakis has enlisted the help of Stryfe and his frost giants to begin the conquest of the world. The frost giants are responsible for the mining of the gem acquiral, used in the opening of gates and portals to other worlds. Cicyl, a frost Elf, is Sarakis’s chief minion on Melekar, until she can bring herself into the world. She is constantly creating monsters through the magic of the Godspike, and any and all Arcane Channelers (there is always only one during this period) can feel this. The Emperor Shador Szoraxle XVII, has been swayed by Cicyl and is now the elf’s puppet. Cicyl acts as advisor when he is around, however that is rather infrequent, so through the promise of power that Sarakis can offer, Shador is kept in check.

The campaign began with the party emerging from an adventuring academy as graduates. They receive their first assignment to investigate the disappearance of several children from two forks. They discover that a Blood Crone is responsible for the disappearances and they have been turned into haglings. As the party is preparing to leave the city, they are interrupted by Velarn, asking for their help. He leads them to the graveyard where Cicyl is raising up zombies and Erek is laying unconscious at his feet. Cicyl easily escapes leaving the party to fight the zombies. After defeating them Erek wakes up and tells the party that Cicyl is a much greater threat than the Hag and to go after him. The party finds his hideout and defeats his guards, only to find that Cicyl had already fled, leaving behind a note from the emperor himself. The party then left to talk to the governor and was given instructions to inform the Mayor of Lait what was going on. On the way they found and rescued Arif from a Gambol. The party then needed to rescue Loman (Arif’s teacher) from drow cultists using him in a sacrifice to Talos. After receiving gifts from Loman, Velarn left the party to head back to Two Forks, and the party continued on to Lait.

Once arriving in the Town of Lait the party is stopped at the gates and asked to state their business. After talking to the guards and showing them the note from roland, the party was escorted to the mayor’s manor. “I believe you have a message for me…” He reads it carefully and places it on the desk. “Well, it appears Roland expects the worst. It seems that the emperor has allied himself with the dark lady. He and Cicyl, whom you apparently met earlier, have joined forces and between them, they are nearly unstoppable. However there is still hope, if we can find out their plans we may be able to find a way to stop them. Unfortunately, we have nothing solid to go off of, except that apparently Talos and the Lady of Terror are working together, and my scouts have reported recent… um… revivals, if you will, of the cult of Talos in the area. Perhaps if you could infiltrate one of them, you would be able to find out more. I’m sorry, but there is little more that I can do, and if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare for the coming war…”

On the road to Iasen, where the party is headed for information, Siegfried is visited in his dreams by Nerihil showing him the futures that will come to pass if the Emperor isn’t stopped. After figuring out the portents in Siegfried’s dream, the party left for the Godspike. After landing on the shore the party sees a lone Sorcerer fighting against the hordes of monsters moving towards the shore. When he sees the party’s boat approaching he casts a final blast (Meteor Swarm), and heads towards the ship. “I’ve been expecting you. It avails nothing to attack the creatures here, more just spring out of the ground to take their places. We must find the source of their power.” He tells the party that they must either go to the top of the spire where there is a shrine to the gods, or to the center of the labyrinth under the spire.

The party fights their way through the labyrinth and upon reaching the center, there is a bright flash of light and everything goes dark. The party members all receive visions given by their deities, and are brought to the peak of the Godspike, where they must fight the guardians before being given the answers they seek. Finally, the party goes to the castle of ice and confronts Cicyl and his slarecian dragon. During the fight with the dragon, the sentient sword carried by Siegfried is destroyed and it’s consciousness merges with that of Siegfried’s. The party then is able to confront and kill Cicyl, ending the emperor’s plans and stopping the emperor as well.


Godspike Campaign

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