The tale of ages

History intro

Age of dreams title
500 – 0 PT
The age of creation. During these years the gods created man and beast, the mountains and the hills. Great power and magic were wielded, and powerful artifacts created, for which the arts have been lost to time. The center of civilization was the Arcane University, the remains of which have never been found.
Age of dreams
Time of turmoil Time of turmoil title
Time 0: Unknown Number of Years
The Age of Dreams ended abruptly when the power wielded by those at the Arcane University tore a hole in the very fabric of reality, allowing a creature of utter darkness to enter the world. It destroyed the Arcane University, and set the world into a dark age.
Age of mortals
0-1345 AG
This age marked the end of divine intervention. It began with the gods limiting the power they gave to their subjects, for fear of what happened during the Time of Turmoil happening again. Eventually the gods turned away from their creation, and in their distraction, mortal man broke free of their control.
Age of mortals
Age of the empire Age of the empire title
1-1503 AW
This era began with the War of Six Nations, a bloody war that lasted 27 years. In the end, the Amrushi Empire came out on top, and for the next millennia and a half, the Empire ruled supreme over all the earth. To some, this is also called the Age of Heroes, as many of the stories and legends of great adventurers are from this era.
The current age title
1-179 AE
The beginning of the current age is drenched in blood. In one night, the empire was toppled, in the single bloodiest day in Melekar’s long history. Known as the Day of Blood, or the Darkest Day, this marked the end of the Empire, leaving the capital in ruins, and decimating it’s peoples. This pain and darkness had a toll on the world, dimming the light of goodness and hope.
The current age
Items of legend Items of legend title
Over the many long years, there have been some artifacts that have resurfaced time and time again. Some of those legends have taken on a life of their own, growing and changing with each telling. Here we have tried to document as close to the truth as we can glean about these powerful items.



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