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he year is 154 AE as humans mark it, and the world is in a state of turmoil. It has been 150 years since the Day of Death, both marking the end of an empire and the single bloodiest day in Melekar’s 3000 year history. I am known by many names. The Historian, to humans in their fields. The Chronicler, to the Elves in the forests. And The Great Artificer to the gnomes in their mountain homes. Regardless of my title, all races know me as the Master of the Mists, in which I make my home, and from which I watch the world pass me by. Kings rule their kingdoms, peasants work their fields, empires rise and fall, and I watch. I watch and I record as the world floats through the void. I have recorded many stories throughout the ages, and those can be found in the great library, but if you wish to join me in my study, you can see a legend in the making, as the Tale of the Trinity unfolds.

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