House Rules

House rules

Our group doesn’t have too many house rules that we use on a regular basis. We have a very veteran group, so if something comes up and we don’t know/there isn’t a rule for it, we usually just make it up on the fly, rather than look it up.

Spell Components
That said, the one thing that we’ve never worried about is spell components. If a spell has components of less than say 100 gp, we just assume the character has it, not worth micromanaging.

Critical Success and Failure
We treat 20s as 30s and 1s as -10s. In addition to the -10 rule on attack rolls, the character must succeed on a DC 15 reflex save or critically fumble. The result is circumstantial, it will either be falling prone, dropping your weapon, or opening yourself up to an attack of opportunity.

I’ve borrowed a system of disfigurement from Adoraith for players that have a brush with death.

How does Melekar fit in with the D&D Cosmology
Melekar was created in a pocket dimension within the cosmology that was hidden but wholly contained within the D&D Multiverse. The Old Gods are actually a group of demi-gods that escaped from the Multiverse through a dimensional rift during the war between the gods and the primordials. These gods created a plane of mortals to increase their own power through worship. They succeeded, however, the continued use of their power, not to mention the power discovered by old heroes has gradually eroded the walls that keep them separate from the rest of the multiverse. On the Day of Blood that barrier finally broke, throwing Melekar back into the multiverse. This caused untold changes to the plane, and also allowed the “new gods” or the 4th edition pantheon to begin to gain influence in Melekar. As such, both pantheons are currently worshiped and the “old gods” have taken their places among the new.

The big thing that I’m going to attempt to implement in my Current Campaign is the inclusion of a point system for in game achievements and out of game contributions.

Achievements and Milestones
Prestige Points
Click Here to see my players’ current achievements and prestige points.

Thanks to Arsheesh and Sandman for some additional ideas and tables, and again to Arsheesh for the Prestige Points idea.


House Rules

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