Items of Legend

Artifacts of legend

Throughout the ages of Melekar’s history, there have been many items and artifacts that have surfaced time and again. These are some of those items.

Virtue and the Void: These weapons are among the most legendary in all the cosmos. They exist only to oppose each other, and if one of them has been found, you can be assured that the other has been as well.
The void web
They were created just before the Great Turmoil, and although the exact date has been lost to time, they are thought to be over 3,000 years old. These weapons were not crafted like most, they were BORN.

During this time, the world was divided among the gods, and the greatest of these were Sarakis and Paladium. War broke out in the heavens, and they each chose champions to lead their forces. The forces of virtue were lead by Alwyn Cathbar, a powerful Solar, known as The Exemplar of Paladium. Sarakis chose his opposite to lead the forces of the void. A powerful Sorrowsworn Demon prince was chosen, The Voice of Pain. The two armies clashed on the battlefield, literally shaking the heavens. The two armies fought and died until only Alwyn and The Voice remained. They engaged each other in mortal combat for three days and three nights before the end. Alwyn, with a mighty roar, brought his sword, Earthshaker, crashing down atop the Demon Prince.
Virtue web
The Voice brought his own blade, Apocalypse, to bear, but such was the strength of the blow that the weapons shattered, detonating with such force that neither foe could continue the fight. Much of the weapons were vaporized in the explosion, however a shard of each was cast through the ether to end up on Melekar soil. Such were the convictions of the two who wielded these blades, that a part of their essence remained in the shards.

They are sentient artifacts that exist to continue their battle on the mortal plane. Only when wielded by a true champion for good or evil do these weapons awaken, and their true potential become revealed. When dormant, these weapons appear as shards of metal, either polished silver, or blackened steel. When a worthy person grasps the hilt however, the shard awakens, transforming into an exquisitely crafted weapon, perfectly made for the wielder. The last time they appeared in Melekar, Virtue was a greatsword with a platinum blade, and a pair of golden intertwining angel wings forming the crossguard, pommel, and hilt. The Void on the other hand was a scimitar with an obsidian blade, and the crossguard is in the shape of demons wings, and the curved handle was in the shape of a demon’s horn.

A special thanks to Nicole Jekich for the artwork for both Virtue and The Void.

Invincible: This suit of armor was created by the most talented blacksmiths to ever walk the earth. Named Melchior and Marchion, this dwarven pair was unparalleled in their craft. So great was their art that Reordin himself shared some of the smithing techniques he used in the forging of the world. This armor was their masterpiece. The armor was created out of a platinum alloy, as light as mithril, and as hard as the scales of a dragon. The armor was so expertly crafted that there were no gaps in the plate, and yet it offered the ease of moving as if in no more than leather armor. The Helm was completely solid, with no eye, nose, or mouth holes. Upon the breast of the armor is Krilgore’s crest, and upon the arms and legs, flames are carved. So expert were the carvings that the flames seemed to dance while you looked that them.

The two smith’s enlisted the help of the arch-wizard Gardelon to enchant the armor. The helm granted true-seeing, and the armor was enchanted never to break or rust, and to provide for the wearer, ensuring that he never need take it off. Unfortunately, the last time this armor was together, the god Magus sundered it, dividing the armor, along with Krilgore’s essence into five parts and it was scattered around the world. Legend says that he who finds all the pieces of the armor will have the power that Krilgore wielded in life.

Death’s Fang: Also created by Melchior and Marchion, this 5 foot long greatsword is carved out of one solid piece of obsidian. With an expert hand, they carved a block of obsidian into a perfect replica of a fang from a red great wyrm, and using alchemical substances since unseen, they treated the sword, reducing the weight, while rendering it nigh indestructible. Once again, Gardelon was called on to enchant the mighty weapon. He enhance the blade’s balance and speed, as well as the sharpness of it’s edge. He also gave it the ability to become engulfed in black flames at the command of the wielder. No one has seen this sword since the Sundering of Krilgore.

The Rod of Armageddon: This device was last assembled during The Desolation of Talos by the Ur-Priest Zelmar. Consisting of three parts, the shaft, the claw, and the orb, this rod is designed to amplify the user’s power 100 fold. While the shaft and the claw are nothing special on their own, the orb is actually a small (about 4 inches in diameter) Sphere of Annihilation. Zelmar was acting on the order of Xithal who wanted the orb to spread Talos’ Desolation to all of Barithani and eventually the world.


Items of Legend

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