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Where it all began, Highmoor is the capital of Luness. Our heroes met here for the first time, when they were asked to investigate the murder of Bishop Irwin. Highmoor straddles a section of Silver Lake where it cuts into the surrounding hills. Ruled by a council of 13 Elders, Highmoor has been the focus of attack and intrigue, both from within and without.

The Devil’s Club (pictured on right)
Run by Madame Danielle Lyons, the Devil’s Club in Highmoor is famous for it’s cheap drinks and beautiful women. If you know who to ask, it’s famous for it’s connections as well. If you’re looking for a good time, look no further, but keep one eye on your wallet, and the other on your back.

The Storm Tower (pictured below)
This tower once belonged to Lethion and Vanamere, a warrior and wizard respectively. They were also in love. From this tower they protected the surrounding country until one day, when the tower was under attack, it was struck by lightning and exploded, leaving a ruined stump. The Fallcrest watch decided to rebuild it, but they were attacked by bandits wearing masks bearing the likenesses of yellow skulls.

The Halls of Justice
The temple dedicated to Bahamut in Highmoor is known as the Hall of Justice. It was here that Alecar spent 8 years in service to Bahamut before leaving to follow his destiny.

Fox Hills
A small town in the Hills to the Northeast of Highmoor, this is where Alecar, and his brother Jethro grew up.

The Ruins of Slaughterguarde (pictured right)
800 years ago, a Demon Prince named Mu Tahn-Laa succeeding in transposing his small portion of the Abyss onto the world of Melekar. These ruins are small pockets of his fortress that survived his realm’s expulsion. It seems they were not kept vacant forever…
The Prayer and the Flask (pictured to left)
Located in the Temple Ward in Highmoor, this tavern is run by Sergio Bartèmius. Catering to a wide variety of clients, from off-duty clergy members, to thieves looking for work, this is a hub for drink and information.

Valley of Obelisks
This valley got its name from the obsidian obelisks scattered about the 100-mile expanse. When Mu Tahn-Laa attacked 800 years ago, these obelisks were charged with magical energy and used to shatter his connection to Melekar, forcing his realm back into the Abyss.

The Temple of the Yellow Skull
Several hundred years ago a Rakshasa Sorcerer created 13 golden skulls and trapped within then the spirits of demons, using them to gain power. He has long since been destroyed, and the skulls all but forgotten… until now. A group calling themselves the Cult of the Yellow Skull began terrorizing Fallcrest on their quest to recover these skulls, and one skull in particular. This temple is in a deep underground chamber, the damaged remains of the Rakshasa’s palace.

A border town straddling The Chill river, Wellspring acts as the defense between Luness and the goblinoid hordes in the mountains. Wellspring’s last defense was against the armies of Cumberland, and while the city was beaten and battered, it did not fall, thanks to our heroes.

The Archway
An ancient fortress straddling the only pass through the Cairngorm Mountains. Before the time of the empire, the Archway was always manned by men from Highmoor, It is said that while defended by men of honor, never would the fortress fall to the forces of darkness. It never did, until Cumberland sent it’s forces, and overran our heroes.

The fortress capital of Cumberland, in ancient times, was built by the dwarves of Ungart, but they were wiped out hundreds of years ago by the empire. Following the fall of the empire, The Vondrans captured the keep, and claimed the lands of Cumberland.

A large city in Manasa, the party ended up here after an emergency teleport by Ember.

The Grand Temple of Harrington
The seat of the Kingpriest, the Grand Temple is in Eridell, and is arguably the most magnificent building in all of Melekar. The center of Bahamut’s church is also the seat of government in all of Harrington.

The Buxom Barmaid
A seedy bar in Light’s Edge, Scylla.


Locations Explored

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