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f.pngor those that are unfamiliar with the world of Melekar, I shall provide you with some information that may challenge your assumptions. First and foremost, Melekar is a flat plane, as if built on the head of a giant coin. As such, the climate of the world is not subject to the normal “rules” you other planeswalkers might be used to. You can see the divine in every facet of creation, from the mountains and deserts, to the seas and forests, this is a world built by design. Secondly, while this is very much what you might consider a medieval setting, I assure you there are surprises in store, from the steam and magic powered airships of Barithani, to the clockwork inventions of the gnomes, to the deadly blasting powder of the dwarves, I have seen some truly remarkable inventions and creations. Apart from that, Melekar is very much a fantastic world, with monsters to slay, princesses to save, and ancient treasures to uncover.



(Chronicler’s Note: Throughout the Library, you’ll find notes like this one. I have made them to share my musings, include additional information, or direct your attention to further reading.)

Main Page

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