New Foes

New foes

Councilman Garreth received a mysterious black scroll and started a slow decent into madness. He began systematically killing councilmen and important figures that stood in his way. He killed Bishop Irwin the night the PCs arrived in Highmoor, starting the path that destiny chose for them. He joined the Cumberlandian army and was killed during the Battle of Wellspring.

Berserker prelate
The Berserker Prelate
The Berserker Prelate of Orcus was a brutish creature, a large ogre that was leading the Cult of the Yellow Skull. He succeeding in finding the Golden Skull in which Orcus or some portion thereof was trapped and freeing him, before the heroes killed him.

Glonin krak
Glonin Krak
Glonin Krak was known as the Goblin King, against which Solaren and his father fought, before their falling out. Glonin killed Solaren’s friend Elrin before he was defeated and his armies scattered. Glonin resurfaced as the Dark Lord, having joined forces with Cumberland. He was killed by Solaren and Fordrin.

Lily constantine
Lily Constantine
Lily was the General of the Third Order of Cumberland. She rode a nightmare named Ruin into battle. When she was young, she underwent the same torture and coercion as Ember, at the hands of Project Chimera. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to escape like Ember was, and became a tool of Cumberland.

Sorrow fangrim
Sorrow Fangrim
General of the Second Order, Sorrow was a trained and dedicated swordswoman. She was leading the armies, along with Garreth, that attacked Wellspring. She was killed, but not before gravely wounding Ember, with only luck keeping her alive.

Trina winstead
Trina Winstead
Trina is the head of research and development for the Chimera Group, a group of scientists and dark wizards that experiment on humanoids and monstrous humanoids. When Ember was a child, she was captured by this group, experimented on, because they saw great potential in her. Ember finally returned home, and burned Trina, and her experiments, to the ground.

Violet korvalis
Violet Korvalis
Violet is the General of the First order of Cumberland and the bodyguard of Jezebell Vondran. She was killed while Ember was burning a swath through Cumberland.

Jezebell vondran
Jezebell Vondran
Jezebell was the tyrant of Cumberland, and she ruled with an iron fist. She struck a deal with Garreth to attack Luness, and it was her orders that created Project Chimera. She was the final casualty of Ember’s purifying fire when she burned through Cumberland.


New Foes

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