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PCs in Past Campaigns

Player Character Class/Level Campaign
Al Jakin “Fidget” Plyskal Tinker 11 The Dream Larva
Danny Death Monk 6 Seith’s Dominion
Brian Dante Bob Rogue 3/Sorcerer 6/Arcane Trickster 2 Seith’s Dominion
Bernie Reingaard Featherglass Bard 7/Virtuoso 4 The Siege on the Fortress of Ice
Mike Radak Fighter 11 The Siege on the Fortress of Ice
Dan Dan Cleric 11 The Siege on the Fortress of Ice
Kage Zholar Ranger 11 The Siege on the Fortress of Ice
Al Gypsy Fighter 5/Ranger 1/Mind Spy 5 A Deal with the Devil
Brian Talon Garm Sorcerer 8/Spell Sword 2/Ranger 1/Mage of the Arcane Order 4 A Deal with the Devil
Dan Fedex Ups Scout 9 The Desolation of Talos
Brian Quint Rafe Samurai 5/Iaijitsu Master 3 Song of Storms
Al Setzer “Spades” Grimalkin Bard 8/Virtuoso 1 Song of Storms
Danny William O’Connor Fighter 5/Knight 5 The Knights of Arria
Kevin Judas Pope Paladin 7 Unknown
Danny Grennel Druskaden Druid (Epic, final level unknown) Seith’s Dominion
Matt Keough of Kalthen Spellthief 1/Sorcerer 5/Daggerspell Mage 2 The Scarlet Rogues
Al Setzer “Spades” Grimalkin Bard 8 The Scarlet Rogues
Danny Tim Fighter 8 The Scarlet Rogues
Joel Shinta Unknown The Scarlet Rogues
Dan Korin Cleric 8 The Scarlet Rogues
Kevin Hando Monk 8 The Scarlet Rogues
Danny Cal Ouse (KIA) Rogue 5 A Gloomy Future
Danny Drew Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 1 A Gloomy Future
Aaron Ragnar Windwalker Monk 7 A Gloomy Future
Matt Ellios Xallaqual – Fox Companion: Tinkerbell Ranger 6/Fighter 1 A Gloomy Future
Al Garrevus Ungart Wizard 5/Blood Mage 2 A Gloomy Future
Danny Murphy “Lee” Sephora Cleric 5/Exorcist of the Silver Flame 6 The Desolation of Talos
Bernie Lasendray Tiri Fighter 8 The Desolation of Talos
Al Jag Shalo Samurai 7/Iaijitsu Master 5 The Desolation of Talos
Danny Reamus Dregg Rogue 11/Commando 5 City Rogues


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