The old gods

A pantheon of lesser gods by scratchmark

Many millennia ago, there was a war. However, this was no ordinary war. This war threatened the very existence of the planes. The primordials had awoken, and wanted revenge on the deities who had imprisoned them. The war raged through the heavens and on Greyhawk, and no one was spared. The primordials sought to weaken the gods by siphoning off the souls of mortals that traveled to their realms after they passed from the prime. Thus the deities created The Maelstrom of Souls, a place barred to deities, through divine law. This place was created as a conduit for the souls of mortals to safely pass through to their final resting places among the gods. However, that is another story. What is important is that Imradi was the architect of The Maelstrom.

You see, he was one of the lesser gods and was tired of warring over who controlled what in the multiverse. It was his duty to construct the demi-plane that would act as the bastion known as The Malstrom of Souls. He did as was required of him, but unbeknownst to the other gods, he stole a small part of the Maelstrom. It was infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things, so surely – he thought – no one would notice. And notice they did not. They were far too busy preventing the destruction of the multiverse.

After the dust had settled and the gods had defeated the primordials once again, Imradi secretly began work on a plane of his own. Using the piece of The Maelstrom that he stole, he used it’s power to shield this plane from the other gods. After he created this floating disk in the far reaches of the astral sea, Imradi entered the world and sealed the gap behind him, forever encasing himself in his own little world. Thus, Melekar was born.

Imradi new that he would need help managing this new world. He created the demi-gods Phaedon and Sarakis. He created the others who has become known as the Old Gods. He gave them dominion over the elements and the earth. Over the lives and souls he would bring here. To Rurik he gave the task of forging this new world into a beautiful and wondrous place. Imradi created the Earthforge, upon which Rurik was to do his work. When his task was complete, Rurik was to smash his forge, and became known as the Anvilsmasher.

When Rurik was done, and Melekar was complete, it was time to bring life to the wilderness. Slowly, Imradi began to populate the world, much like the prime that he was from. He understood the need for balance in all things, so as he created the creatures of light, so to did he create the creatures of darkness.

Imradi made one mistake. He should have known that the one thing that all beings with power have in common. The desire for more power. As the world was beginning the beings that Imradi created began to walk the earth, among the mortals. They had different methods, but the same goals, to find followers, gain worshippers to increase their power. Some sought to coerce, others to protects, and still others by force. Imradi recognized this, but after the toll of creation his own powers were diminished, and he could do nothing but watch as his creations became as powerful as he.

Chronicler’s Note: Recently in Melekar, the masses have begun to worship a new pantheon. Over the past 200 years these new gods have been growing in power and strength as the Old Gods begin to fade. There are still worshipers of the Old Gods, and they are not forgotten, but the new deities are here to stay (the new gods are the 4th edition pantheon).

Portfolio: Death
Alignment: True Neutral
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Dhaal is the neutral god of Death. He has reigns over the souls that pass from this world. Known as the Soulguide, he is the judge, jury and executioner for those who pass on. It is his right to pass judgement on the souls of mortals who have left this world and decide where their eternity lies.
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Travel
Known As: The Grey One, The Soulguide, The Judge

Portfolio: Love
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Shortbow
The goddess of love, Valenda is a little known goddess. She presides over marriage, infatuation, lust, desire, and any other form of love and affection. Her worshippers are few at best, but those few are devoted like no others.
Domains: Healing, Trickery, Good
Known As: The Maiden, The Matchmaker

Portfolio: Earth, the Elves
Alignment: True Neutral
Favored Weapon: Club or Sickle
Gaea is the mother of the earth, and the creator of the eldest race, the Elves. She favors the elves above the other races, and makes precious the natural world. She frowns upon the industriousness of humans and dwarves, and her vengeance is swift against the destructive goblinoids. Her worshippers are most commonly druids.
Domains: Earth, Animals, Plants
Known As: The Earth Mother, The Eldest, Nature’s Voice

Portfolio: Water, Chaos
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Trident
The God of Seas and Lakes, Quidios, is well known for his ever-changing nature and his brute strength. Sailors invariably pay himhomage, lest they incur his wrath on the seas.
Domains: Water, Chaos, Strength
Known As: The Tidelord, The Sea’s Whim

Portfolio: Fire, Tricksters, Rogues
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Daggers
The most capricious and unpredictable of the gods, The Lord of Flames is a very unpredictable deity. Few worship him, but illsuionist, tricksters, and well, arsonist, often pay him homage.
Domains: Fire, Trickery, Chaos
Known As: The Trickster, the Lord of Flame

Portfolio: Air, Weather
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Lectros represents the inexorable tide of the storm. Even mighty mountains eventually bow down to his power. Lawful druids often follow Lectros, upholding the laws of nature.
Domains: Air, Strength, Destruction
Known As: The Stormlord, Mighty Wind

Portfolio: Evil, Tyranny
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored Weapon: Crossbows
Sarakis and her twin Phaedon were the first of the Lesser Gods. Utter opposites to each other, Sarakis embodies all that is evil, and wretched and wrong. Most evil humanoid races at least revere, if not woship Sarakis.
Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Law
Known As: Queen of Darkness, The Profound Darkness

Rurik Anvilsmasher
Portfolio: Dwarves, Metalwork, Creation
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Rurik Anvilsmasher is the patron deity of the dwarves, and revered by craftsman everywhere. When Imradi created the gods, Rurik was given the task of forging the world of Melekar. After he created the world, he smashed his anvil, so that it couldn’t be used to destroy what he created.
Domains: Good, Strength, Knowledge, Protection
Known As: Forger of the World, The Mastersmith

Portfolio: Hate, Anger, Jealousy
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Daggers
Strife is the god of negative emotions. Most assassins pay homage to him. Strife works closely with Sarakis (of course, always this his own agenda) and was the second to find out about the Abandoning of Imradi.
Domains: Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Chaos
Known As: Hatemonger, The Backstabber

Portfolio: War, Strength, Warrior
Alignment: True Neutral
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Nerihil is the god of war and honorable combat. During times of war Nerihil is among the most revered of the gods. Warriors of all types often say a prayer to him before going into battle.
Domains: Strength, War, Protection
Known As: The Invincible Warrior

Portfolio: Good, Justice, Compassion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Halberd
Phaedon is Sarakis’s brother, and is the oldests of the gods created by Imradi. He is worshipped and revered by good aligned creatures everywhere. During the events that took place at the Godspike, Sarakis was able to gain the upper hand against him, but the actions of several brave mortals were able to restore balance to Melekar.
Domains: Good, Law, Strength, Protection
Known As: The Supreme Justice, The Compassionate Lord

Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge, Magic Users
Alignment: True Neutral
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Magus is the undisputed master of magic. When Krilgore aspired to godhood, Magus was the one who finally destroyed him. Within Magus’s library is all the collected knowledge of the Multiverse.
Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Protection
Known As: The Scribe, The Archmage

Portfolio: The Sun, Growth, The Harvest
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Javelin
The Sun God is the most worshipped of farmers and laborers. Luminos’s Watchful Eye travels across the sky during the day, providing light, warmth and energy to all.
Domains: Sun, Healing, Plant, Animal
Known As: The Watchful Eye, The Dawnlord

Portfolio: Disease, Poison, Corruption
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Short Sword
If Luminos is the god of life and growth, Talos is the god of death and decay. Talos seeks to spread her corruption to all the corners of Melekar. In her name, her followers created a devestating plague that would’ve swept all of Melekar but for the intervention of a few brave heroes.
Domains: Death, Evil, Destruction
Known As: Corruption, Plaguebearer

Portfolio: The Moon, Song, Pleasure
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Sap
Mielle is the goddess of pleasure and revelry. Her followers are pacifists, seeking to bring Mielle’s love to all creatures
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection
Known As: The Songstress, Moonsong

Portfolio: God of the Gods
Alignment: N/A
Favored Weapon: N/A
Little is know about the Supreme Being known as Imradi. It is believed that he long ago turned away from his creation, leaving it in the hands of the gods. His very few and far between worshipers’ prayers fall on deaf ears.
Domains: N/A
Known As: Gods of Gods, The All-Father, The Supreme Being, The Creator



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