Seith's Dominion


1137 AW

Characters: Death, Dante Bob, Grennel Druskeden

Two imperial soldiers were sent to Two Forks to deal with the upstart Governor Roland, and trap his soul for the use of Cicyl. During the botched attempt at assassinating roland, Dante escaped and after realizing just what their assignment was, deserted his post and became a wanted man. The other member of the team on the other hand, sought an easier way out. Making mental contact with Seith, he was teleported out of there and into Seith’s tower. He was given the choice of immortality and infinite power at Seith’s right hand and accepted. Thus he was transformed into a Death Knight and made general of seith’s army.

Meanwhile, Dante made contact with a being from the plain of dreams known as an Akaijiku, and allowed it to inhabit his body as a symbiote. This combined with the power of the Divine Wind, allowed Dante to stand up to Death on the field of battle and eventually the two destroyed each other in a battle in the lands now known as the Grey Wastes. A dwarven druid and animal lord by the name of Grennel Druskeden caught wind of Seith’s plans for dominance over the empire and was able to sink most of the ships of undead in Seith’s army and was able to put a stop to Seith’s plans at his tower by assaulting it with a contingent of expert elven hunters from Talaviir and his own army of Dire Apes.

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Seith's Dominion

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