Session Achievements

Session milestones

You reduce an enemy to -20 or less hit points.
You do maximum damage on one attack. Must be declared before rolling to hit.

Sole Survivor
Be the only party member alive at any point in an encounter.
As a move action, you may heal an ally within 30 ft. 1d8 hp.

Sick in the Head
Take a creature’s head as your prize
You gain +5 bonus to your next intimidate check

I Cheated off the Smart Guy
Critically succeed at a skill in which you are not trained.
Gain a +2 bonus to one skill roll

Town Drunk
In a tavern consume at least 5 drinks.
Gain a +2 bonus to one fortitude save

Hey….. you….
You manage to successfully convince a character that you are a close friend of theirs.
+2 to one disguise check

Not quite dead yet…
Successfully bring an ally back from the dead
Gain a permanent +1 per die on all rolls to heal that ally.

Slippery as a Fish
Escape any form of bonds (ropes, cuffs, etc…)
Gain a +1 to your next dexterity based check

Everything is Going to be Okay…
Calm a hostile NPC by any means (non-violent)
Gain a +2 to your next diplomacy check

Lucky Strike
Roll a natural 20 to confirm a critical threat
Use after hitting an enemy, that attack is automatically a critical hit.

Quicker than You!
Roll a natural 20 on an initiative check.
Get a 20 instead of rolling on your next initiative check

Knock-out Punch
Successfully knock an enemy out with subdual damage
For the rest of the session, you may make non-lethal attacks without taking an attack penalty

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Session Achievements

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