The Age of Mortals

Age of mortals title

0-100 AG (After Genesis) – During this 100 year period, the gods subtly divided up the populations of the world between themselves, until they all had their own, almost fanatical followings. Believing that mortals were incapable of handling the raw power of the gods (and they were right, for the most part) they restricted the amount of power they grated their followers. Divine casters were not allowed to progress beyond level 10, and any research into divine spells beyond 5th level simply didn’t produce results. Because a lot of the research and power of the previous age had been destroyed by the Blot, clerics in the beginning of the age of gods didn’t realize that they were being limited by the very gods they chose to worship.

4564990478 07373ca47b o101 AG – A dwarven cleric, by the name of Tagnus Stronghammer begins work on his masterwork warhammer. Wishing to mold the warhammer out of a solid piece of adamantine, he went off into the underdark to find a suitable vein. Tagnus was one of the head priests to Reordin, and a decently powerful cleric, as well as a strong warrior. Since this was a personal quest to make a weapon worthy of Reordin, he went on his own, taking only the tools needed to collect the adamantine, and his trusty warhammer. Tagnus, being a favorite among Reordin’s clerics, trusted that if he was to succeed, he must trust in Reordin for guidance and protection. On his third day in the underdark, he was surprised by a group of three drow priestesses. Tagnus was their equal in spiritual power, but they outnumbered him, and had the surprise. Nearly brought to his knees in the initial onslaught by the drows’ poisoned darts, Tagnus called out in desperation to Reordin for aid. Reordin answered and granted him the use of the implosion spell. One of the priestesses simply imploded and vanished. The other two priestesses, not having ever seen this kind of power, turned and began to ran, when a second of them followed the first in death. The third picked up the pace, and managed to resist the spell, getting away.

It was then that Tagnus realized the gods were holding out, that they could grant him much more power. Seeking to prove himself, he continued on to collect the adamantine and brought it back to the forge. After a night’s rest, Tagnus began the long, arduous refining process. Spending nearly three days and three nights working restlessly at the forge, he finished the warhammer, inscribing the hammer and anvil symbol of Reordin on both ends of the hammer, and imbuing it with the ability to produce a thundering effect when striking (thundering, +3). Reordin, feeling that he at least owed Tagnus an explanation, told him the truth that he could in fact grant him the power he desired, and deserved. However, if he did, then the other gods, whom agreed not to, would also break the pact, and another disaster might occur. Tagnus was content with this.

Birth of free will200 AG – The gods began to grow bored with mortals and began to work on other projects that they found suitable to their enormous powers. The worship of gods didn’t wane, but the numbers of clerics slowly dwindled to none.

1123 AG – The Upheaval

1156 AG – Krilgore’s Gift

(For further reading on The Upheaval and Krilgore’s Gift, please see the book called “The Birth of Free Will”)

1345 AG – The beginning of The War of Six Nations


The Age of Mortals

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