The Age of the Empire

Age of the empire title

1 AW – The War has ended and the Kingdom of Amrush has taken its place on the top of the Ashes.

56 AW – The First Supreme Emperor is crowned.

756 AW – Shador Szoraxle, Szoraxle the XVII, takes his place as the Emperor of the free world.

Chronicler’s Note (Written 756AW):
The nation of Amrush is the seat of the Great Emperor Shador Szoraxle XVII. For 700 years, the nation of Amrush has been the home of the Emperor. It is currently the year 756 AW, AW for After War. 756 years ago marked the end of the Six Nations War. A long time ago, the Amrushi decided that they should be the ones to bring rulership and guidance to the divided world. A few noblemen disagreed with the King Szoraxle I. They withdrew from Amrush and formed the nation of Hellione. Unfortunately, the king wasn’t very forgiving, and decided to make an example of the traitors. Szoraxle crushed the nation of Hellione and Hellione has been a servant to the line of Szoraxle ever since. The Amrushi proceeded to systematically take over all the other nations. Arria was the next to fall, followed by Algur, Krein, Cormand, and finally even the barbarian tribes of Hrundi were subdued. He ruled over his empire for 300 years. Over the next 400 years, the Szoraxle line was thinned out with human blood, so now, there is only a trace of Drow left in Shador.

(Chronicler’s Note: As I said before, this is also known as the Age of Heroes. Below you will find tomes on the various exploits of these courageous men and women.)

1127 AW Godspike banner

1135 AW Dream larva banner

1137 AW Seiths banner

1137 AW Astral plane banner

1150 AW Ice fortress banner

1274 AW Rod of armageddon banner

1274 AW Talos banner

1300 AW Knights banner

1317 AW Rogues banner

1386 AW (1543 IO) Future banner (1543 IO ceased to exist in the timeline, after the events that transpired here)

1465 AW The seeds of rebellion are sown. Agents from the 5 major countries (excluding the imperial throne) meet in Iasen to begin preparation for the assassination of the emperor and the fall of the empire. Day of bloodUnfortunately, there is plotting and scheming among the rebels as well.

1500 AW The planted rebel cells in the various imperial occupied countries strike simultaneously on The Day of Blood. Due to the infighting and scheming between the nations, nearly all the agents and soldiers involved in the rebel strike are killed or incapacitated, along with all the imperials. All in all, nearly 6,000,000 men died on this day, crippling the empire and wounding all the nations in the process.

(Chronicler’s Note: For the tale of the Fall of the Empire, I’ve chosen the tome on the right for your convenience).


The Age of the Empire

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