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The Calendar of Melekar is broken up into 12 months of 30 days with a 5 day period between the 6th and 7th month as a time of celebration and festivals known as The Boon of Luminos.

The season are known as Awakening, Growth, Harvest, and The Long Sleep, in honor of Luminos, as the life granted by the god Luminos begins anew every spring and continues until the fall harvest, and then his power needs to rest and recharge after providing for the millions and millions of organisms on Melekar.

Melekar uses the same week structure as The Forgotten Realms, where a “week” is 10 days and known as a 10-day. The days of the week are not named, but are called First-day, Second-day, and so on… Rather than coming up with the names of the months, I’m using the names from the Haptos Calendar from The Forgotten Realms as follows:

  • Month/Name
  • 1/Hammer
  • 2/Alturiak
  • 3/Ches
  • 4/Tarsakh
  • 5/Mirtul
  • 6/Kythorn
  • 7/Flamerule
  • 8/Eleasis
  • 9/Eleint
  • 10/Marpenoth
  • 11/Uktar
  • 12/Nightal
Ages of the World:
  • Pre-Turmoil (500-0): During this time, the gods created the plane of Melekar and populated it with intelligent life. Over the first couple hundred years the races discovered each other and the power they could command. The gods made their presence known to mortals.
  • The Time of Turmoil (0): The Rift opens and the Umbral Blot is brought into the world. The gods create the 6 Dragons to act as the seals and guardians of the prison for the Umbral Blot, and trap it withing the center of the plane.
  • The Age of the Gods (0-1345): At the beginning of this age the Gods directly intervened in the lives of the mortals they created, using them as their playthings, and dividing the Mortals’ worship among themselves. Slowly the gods grew bored with the mortals, and those mortals began to challenge the gods.
  • After War (1-1503): This age marked the end of the Six Nations’ War and the beginning of the Empire. This is also the age that the majority of the heroes of legendare from.
  • After Empire (1-154, Current Day): After The Day of Blood the Empire fell, and the world was left to rebuild itself. The Current Campaign takes place in this age.
  • Illithid Occupation (1543): The events of “A Gloomy Future” took the heroes to this time period in a distant future where the mind flayers had taken control. They were successful upon returning to their own time in diverting the time stream from reaching that future, thus causing it to cease to exist.

The Calendar

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