The Castle of Ice


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In the cold southwestern corner of the great ocean stands a bleak, unknown place called Kralgyar Island. Few are those who have visited this isolated outcropping and fewer still are those who have lived to escape its deadly perils. At the north end of the island lies the semi-active volcano Dommerand. The remainder of the island is rocky and covered with snow and ice for much of the year. The infrequent eruptions of the volcano have kept the ground free of all but the hardiest and fastest growing vegetation. Beyond its extreme environment, the Kralgyar Island was notable for only one thing: a rich source of the rare gemstones known as Aquiral. These deep blue stones had an unusual magical property of aiding spells that allowed travel to parallel dimensions. Sometime in the distant past a dimensional gate was constructed in a cavern beneath the island using these gemstones. On the narrow, central portion of the island is a huge castle made of pure, deep blue ice. The ice blocks are melded together and protected from melting by powerful elemental ice magic. The front portal of this castle stands 50’ in height. The towers and battlements of this fortress gleam brilliantly on the rare occasions when the sun appears. Many years before the events of the Godspike campaign in 1127 AW, a Frost Giant Elementalist discovered this castle and the portals beneath it. Harbonix made a deal with a Frost Elf named Cicyl who was climbing the ranks in the emperor’s court. In exchange for Cicyl providing slaves for Harbonix’s use, as well as money and gemstones, Harbonix would provide the emperor with a selection of the Aquiral that was being mined from the depths of the island. Harbonix used the gold and gems as a way to appease and make an ally in the dragon Ar-Niralzon that made roost near Dommerand. After the events in the Godspike campaign this castle remains undisturbed, although if it is unoccupied, no one can say, as no one has ventured there since.

The Castle of Ice

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