The Cult of the Yellow Skull

“The ruins of an evil shrine lay far beneath these desolate hills. Legend tells that a rakshasa prince summoned demons to this place and bound them to his service by imprisoning their vital essences in gold-plated humanoid skulls. None of these have yet been recovered from the ruins, but the story persists. Deep caverns beneath the ruins lead all the way down to the Underdark, and from time to time dangerous monsters of the deep places emerge here and prowl the nearby lands.”

The Cult was thought to have been wiped out 200 years ago, but things have changed. The party had an encounter with cultists in the Storm Tower and recovered one of the Golden Skulls. It seems that the Rakshasa prince captured a piece of the Prince of Undeath and trapped is within one of the golden skulls. The new Cult of the Yellow Skull has formed to find that skull, and release Orcus’s essence, making the Deomn Prince whole once again.

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The Cult of the Yellow Skull

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