The Fall

The fall

After 35 years of planning, the Day of Blood will go down in history as one of the most violent, bloody, and earth shaking days in the history of Melekar. The anguish and turmoil was so powerful in fact that it had physical effects on the planes of existence. The stage was finally set, with members of the resistance in key places of government through all the kingdoms. The generals of the rebels gathered in secret to plan their final assault. However, all would’ve been lost, if not for the heroic and… unorthodox methods of a group of unlikely heroes. This is their story. The group of four come from as different backgrounds as you can think of, but with the exception of TANC, they all had similar affinities. Gex was a lizardfolk Dragon Shaman, the leader of his peoples, and he rose above his prejudices to join forces with the rebel armies to put a stop to the empire. J’Kofenese was a centaur warrior, Chief of his clan and he rallied his guard to aid the humans against the Defiler. Then there was [Al’s character] who brought the wrath and raw power of nature itself to pound the empire into the ground. Lastly there was TANC, a strange half-dragon/half-ogre come from another world. With no apparent way to return to his homeworld, he found the plight of the people moving, and devoted his massive blade to their cause. Together, these four led the ground troops that led the assault on the capitol city, and ultimately were able to track down the emperor and eliminate him, once and for all, destroying his advisors (and palace) in the process. The following note (see below) details their overall battle plan, and along with Generals Arnoth and Mavin, they were victorious.

Unfortunately, this victory came with a heavy cost. Accounts vary, but some say that as much as 30% of the worlds population were killed in that single night. That kind of pain and suffering takes it’s toll on the world. Hundreds of thousands more died from starvation as harvests were left to rot with no one to harvest them. Worse still were the legions of wandering revenants unable to go to their final rest, until their tasks that have now been long forgotten, even by themselves have been completed. The world became a dark and dangerous place, drenched in blood. Some say that the undead even now outnumber the living, but that is (hopefully) just a story told to children to get them to behave. No one on Melekar was spared from effects of the Darkest Day, although some were affected in ways that no one could predict. Religions rose and fell with their worshipers, looking from something either to cling to or to blame. New races of humanoids began to emerge, though if they were always there and merely hidden is something for the scholars of the future to decide. The very fabric of magic itself was rocked by the psychic energies of that Day, stripping power from some, and granting it to others, leaving it unchanged in none. New planes were birth and old ones died. The Plane of Shadows gained much that day, becoming the Shadowfell, a dark and evil version of the Prime. Holes were opened up to the Feywild, an ancient and primal version of our world.

From General Korvath,

My friends and allies, the time has come, and we are prepared for the Final Battle of The Fall. Our fathers began planning this attack 45 years ago and now the stage is set and the oppressed are finally ready to cast off their shackles and rise up against the Emperor. No more hiding in the shadows beating our fists against the impenetrable armor of the emperor. In key military and political positions around the world, armies and assassins stand ready to strike. Your armies are the most critical, they will be tasked with attacking the imperial capital itself. You will be backed up by Generals Arnoth and Mavin, and together you will lead a three pronged attack on land, sea, and air. Arnoth has an elite cadre of Griffon and Hippogriff riders at his disposal, and at your signal will attack the palace from behind it’s own walls. General Mavin leads an unorthodox but extremely effective navy and will rain destruction on the port and palace from the sea, which leaves your task. You will lead the attack on the gates, but you have a secondary task as well. This task is much more important than taking the capitol. It will be up to you to infiltrate the palace and ensure that none of the imperial family survives. We have fought long and hard up to this point, and it is time to do what must be done. How you accomplish this task is up to you, but we must cut the head of this beast, lest it survive to lick it’s wounds. We strike three months from the full moon, have your men ready and in position on that day to await the signal from Mavin. When you hear the cannons, you must strike!

Long Live the Resistance,
General Martin Korvath

The Fall

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