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The Godspike –

Located at the entrance to the mists on the island of the Master of the Mists. The Godspike is an immense spike of glassy rock rising out of the woodlands nearly seven miles into the sky. At the very top is a small plateau that glows with an eerie green light. As a result of the Godspike, this land is heavily enchanted with wild magic. Creatures wandering onto the dangerous ground nearby can spontaneously mutate. Winds blowing dust over the spike constantly charge the glassy peak, shrouding the rock in lightning during stormy weather. The air near the top is also very turbulent, making an attempt at an airborne landing extremely hazardous. As a result, the only realistic means to reach the summit is to scale the glassy sides, a nearly impossible task for an unskilled climber. Due to the presence of the Godspike, this land is a region of wild magic where normal spells of Wizardry can easily go awry. The Godspike is the root of a web of magical nodes that run throughout the lands. These nodes serve as foci for magical energies, and they tend to form in places where life is especially rich. During the Godspike Campaign Sarakis attempted to pervert the Godspike to her own purposes, thus corrupting magic throughout the lands. Those dark forces began to cause storms of chaos across the land. These storms had many strange effects, mutating beasts and plants, leaving some places bone dry while others are nearly flooded. Weather patterns changed frequently, leaving farms barren and the people hungry.

The Godspike

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