The Knights of Arria


1300 AW

Characters: William O’Connor, Caleb

he Order, based in Colmark, are the judges, juries, and executioners on Arria. They have agents in all the major cities on Arria, and are feared for their efficiency. William O’Connor was one of four chapter leaders under Commander Jarick. Originally sent to investigate Ghorn and his bugbear tribe and their reason for raiding nearby villages, William uncovered a much more sinister plot. Jolan, an evil druid, had been causing the surrounding lands to become diseased and unforgiving and Ghorn needed to raid to survive. Joining forces with Ghorn, William was able to bring Jolan to “Justice.” After completing his mission, he was given some leave time. During which he was recruited, along with men named Caleb and Thomas Meryn, by Taja Corael to help find the “Sword of Light” in the town of Laguzi. The sword was a powerful magical item, but was nothing compared to the Rod of Glory which Taja Corael was looking to steal.

The story told to the party was basically “In the town of Laguzi, a great forger named Akaros lay buried and within his tomb lay the ‘Sword of Light.’” The building was actually a sanctuary of the Athenaeum and the sword was placed there as a cover. During the “mission” Thomas Meryn managed to steal the Rod of Glory, and was gone before the party even knew what happened. William O’Conner was court marshaled for his unwitting burglary attempt, and relieved from duty. William disappeared after that, no one quite knew what happened to him.

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The Knights of Arria

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