The Mists of World's Edge


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Melakar is a world maintained by magic. The Known World is similar to any other planet, except it isn’t a planet. Melakar is a flat plane, surrounded by impassable mountains shrouded in mist. The Edge of the World mountains are said to be the gateway to other worlds, but as yet, no one has been able to traverse them and return to tell about it. Of the 5 continents, only the continent of Vappor is connected to the ring of mountains surrounding the plane, although there are a couple of small outcroppings where a traveler could land, if they wanted to investigate the mountains. The mists truly are a gateway into other worlds, but the Master of the Mists watches all portals. The mists also have been populated by a number of evil fey creatures, and many things that the world isn’t ready for. On the island that the Master calls home, is the Godspike, The center for all magic in the realm.

The Mists of World's Edge

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