The Rod of Armageddon


Rod of Armageddon

1274 AW

A cave at the head of the World Spring River, where it leaves the World Spring in the Seacrest Mountains is said to house the final piece of the Rod of Armageddon. Zelmar and his minions have already gathered the staff and the claw, with the sphere remaining. You must beat them at their game and stop them from finding the final piece. You have already received your payment, so it is up to you to stop Zelmar at all costs.” The party was hired to track down and stop Zelmar from finding the Sphere of Annihilation that adorned the Rod of Armageddon. The party was able to defeat Zelmar, using the Sphere against him, but unfortunately, before he was killed, Zelmar was able to speak the incantation completing the Rod. When the rod was complete, it was called to Zemoch and the events are detailed in The Desolation of Talos.

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The Rod of Armageddon

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