The Scarlet Rogues


1317 AW

Characters: Sezter “Spades” Grimalkin, Tim, Shinta, Korin, Hando, Keough

he Scarlet Rogues Entertainment Group comprised Spades and Keough, but along the way they picked up several other members of their “Road Crew.” During their tour in and around the Fel Marshes, the Scarlet Rogue uncovered a horrendous creature from another dimension that had begun corrupting the surrounding marsh and dominating the animal life to do it’s bidding. The Scarlet Rogues tracked down the creature and eventually killed it, putting an end to its miserable existence. There was a journal discovered by the townsfolk from a creature wearing a hazmat suit, but with the death of the creature and the person wearing the hazmat suit, there were no answers to be found. There were many mentions of things alien to this world, but nothing was ever confirmed and no more knowledge could be gained.

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Image courtesy Duskreign

The Scarlet Rogues
Written and performed by Setzer “Spades” Grimalkin (user CrankyPelican )

Gather ‘round, patrons, and grab your ale
For the time has come for an epic tale
Of a brave and valiant young brigade
That was led by the handsome, winsome Spades

See, his cheeks were chiseled and his hair hung fair,
And the women in the streets couldn’t help but stare
And the rapier at his side hung loose and low,
Very much like his morals, I’ll have you know!

His sword could slay and his lute could sing,
While he played for crowns and he danced with kings
With a blade, he’d disarm a mighty beast,
With his charms, he’d disarm a queen at that evening’s feast

He was the envy of every man he knew,
Quick on his feet, and a tumbler, too!
If ever up in heaven, I would safely bet
He would kiss the wives of the gods he met

But for all he is, Spades was just one man
Capable of grand and clever plans,
Still he had a friend, timid as a doe
Who went by the name “Keough”

Together, they fought for wealth and fame,
Spades had the women, Keough the shame
For how could any man dare compare
To Spade’s collection of maidens, fair?

The two did good everywhere they went,
In towns wine spilled and coin was spent
While Keough planed for the very next day,
Spades would dance and drink the night away

And so it was for an age or two,
Coming, going like the wind doth blow
Next to them, knights were but frightened pogues,
For they were true Scarlet Rogues

They were true Scarlet Rogues!

Hide your daughters when they come to town,
For they lust for the men with great renown
Keep your pride in a safe and your dear wife near
For the Scarlet Rogues are here

The Scarlet Rogues are here!

Watch the dresses drop and the bottles spill
While every man in the town gladly drinks his fill,
And every woman falls in love upon first sight
With the Scarlet Rogues, tonight!

With the Scarlet Rogues, tonight!

So raise your glass with a reverent cheer
Forget about your sorrow with another beer
For when you party with us, everything’s alright
You’re a Scarlet Rogue, tonight!

You’re a Scarlet Rogue, tonight!

I say, when you party with us, everything’s alright
You’re a Scarlet Rogue, tonight!

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The Scarlet Rogues

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